Adoption Information

**Please check your local shelter first, those bunnies need you**
    To adopt a rabbit from The Champaign-Urbana HRS, you should expect:
  • Online Adoption Application Please fill out our Adoption application
  • Please review HRS Adoption Policies carefully.
  • All of our foster rabbits are spayed and neutered before adoption.
  • All rabbits are to be HOUSE RABBITS only--no exceptions!
  • Home visits are required.
  • **$50 adoption fee per rabbit
  • We do not adopt rabbits to schools or individuals who plan to keep them in school classrooms. Why? Please read THIS and THIS
  • Other rabbits must be spayed and neutered
  • Adoptions to LOCAL area only. Ask us for info about an HRS chapter near you.
  • Do not have your children contact us. If you are interested in adopting a rabbit, an adult family member must be the person who calls or emails.

  • Please feel free to ask us for more information if you have any questions about adopting from the HRS
    (217)-398-9192, email

    Click on the pictures for bigger ones:
Alba--affectionately nicknamed "La Bella"--Italian for "The Beautiful" by her fostermom, this beautiful ruby-eyed white bunny loves attention and would be a great choice for a family with children as in addition to her sturdy size, she loves to be out and about where the action is. She likes to sit next to her human of choice and watch t.v. or have her head stroked. She is good with nice cats. Read more about New Zealand White rabbits HERE
Albus--is very sensitive and gentle. Loves to hang out in his box. Overcomes his shyness when banana or carrot treats are offered! Albus' personality would really blossom with a more outgoing bunny friend to show him the way and a human to give him lot's of quiet love. Turned in as a stray over a year ago, we don't know how old he is, but he seems like an adult of 2 or 3 yrs. He is a big sturdy boy at over 10 pounds. 
Amber--if you are looking for the most incredible, loveable, and sociable bunny, look no further.  I'm a young female Dutch with brown and white coloring. My coat is regal and so am I.  I prance, hop, and dance because I'm so happy.  I am looking for a new kingdom in which to reign.  Did I mention that I am also looking for my knight in shining armor?
Audrey Hopburn--gentle and lovely. Audrey has doe-like eyes with beautiful black eyelashes. The beautiful big girl (about 10 lbs) is "wild" (agouti) colored, which makes her look like a large cottontail. She makes herself right at home when she is out to run around--she loves to explore everything!
Bobby--This adorable lop-eared boy is the teddy bear of bunnies! He loves attention from humans but he would adore a bunny companion. Bobby plays roll the ball with human and "hide n' seek". He has experience with nice cats and dogs. Do you have room in your heart and home?
Georgia--She's gentle and sensitive Californian bunny. A peach of a girl. She is a larger bunny at about 8 lbs. Her markings are so luscious--like a hot fudge sundae! She has a spot on the dark part of her Californian nose that looks like a white bird in flight. 
Lazarus--I'm a small, cuddly gray and white male Rex who really craves to be loved. There's nothing I like better than crawling up in my human companion's laps and having them pet me for hours.  I have never met a bunny or human that didn't like me.  I'm mature (around 7years old) in relatively good health in spite of these bumps on by back and chest that are slow growing tumors. That wasn't always the case, and that's how I think I got my name, as I have literally risen from the dead some time ago.
Marble--Who's black and white and cute all over? It's Marble! Marble is a very adorable male mini-lop who is sweet, gentle, and loving. Marble loves playing with his toys. He is an industrious engineer type, who spends hours in his tunnel playing to his heart's content. Marble is too cute!
Missy--Heaven is snuggling up to soft, sweet Missy. She has short rex fur, softer than velvet. She loves to have her velvety nose stroked and kissed; she relishes the love and care given her. She enjoys rearranging the newspaper in her cage and munching on hay in her litterbox.
Xena--unlike the "Warrior Princess" she is shy and sensitive, more like a "Warm Fuzzy Princess." This minirex girl has the softest velvety fur that she loves to have stroked. Xena always politely asks for treats and pets. She likes to be up high and take in her surroundings. She recently lost her beloved bunny companion, and so would dearly love a new bunny friend. Xena likes projects such as chewing her twig tent and performing spectacular bunny dances.