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Here are a few of the rabbits available for immediate adoption through our fostering network. All are spayed or neutered. For more information about adopting, phone (650) 994-1012 or email

There are also many other rabbits available for adoption in other parts of the U.S. through the House Rabbit Society network of foster homes.



I'm Megan a 2 year old spay female lop. I weigh about 5 lbs. I was rescued just in the nick of time by a women from the House Rabbbit Society. You see a women was just about to adopt me and make me an outside hutch rabbit. A volunteer from the House Rabbit Society was working at the shelter that day and talked the women out of taking me.

I had been at the shelter for several months and was really getting stressed. You see I'm a little on the shy side and need to meet people on my own terms. The volunteer decided to take me home with her and now I'm in an HRS foster home. I am feeling much more confortable and have become more outgoing. I don't even mind the little dog that she has.


My name is Dixie and I am a very danity and demur bunny with a sweet personality. But I do more than just look pretty! You see I'm very much a cuddle bunny. I feel very confortable when being held. I also can be very acorbatic and love showing off with jumps and leaps in the air.

I am 6 months old and on the small side,weighing about 4 lbs. My brothers Kyle and Kelly are also at the shelter. I was the only girl in the litter. There were four boys and me. Two of my brothers have been adopted and two are still waiting for there home.. So now I'm looking for my forever home.


We are Kelly and Kyle, a pair of 6 month old neutered male rabbits.We are the brother of Dixie who is also up for adoption. We came as a surprise to our family - they thought they had two females rabbits but then one day five baby bunnies were born! Our other two brothers have been adopted, and the rest of us are looking for homes of our own. We are very social and sweet boys. Very approachable and eager to make friends. Were fun bunnies to watch play as we have so much fun exploring our world.

We don't even mind being picked up and cuddled.


Hi, my name is Taylor I'm a 1 year 4 month old English spot rabbit. I had a pretty rough beginning. You see I was found in east Palo Alto with a broken leg. I guess you could say I was a ghetto girl. My luck changed as I was brought to Peninsula Humane Society where a volunteer from House Rabbit Society saw me.

I was taken to Bay Area animal Hospital in Oakalnd and examined by Dr. Harvey. She's the best bunny vet in the world. It was decided that my leg couldn't be saved and would have to be ampputated.

We bunnies who have only three leggs have no special requirments. We can hop and even jump just a well as a four legged rabbit. I have been spayed and am now waitng for my forever home. I interact well with people and have a very sweet personality. I even know how to use a litterbox.


My name is Cindie. I'm a 1 year old spay female lop. I originally came from the San Jose shelter where there were lots of bunnies. When my time ran out I was rescued by the Haven and put in foster care. I was then transferred to a House Rabbit Society foster home in So. San Francisco.

I have an extremely sweet personality and just a lady in every way. I'm always eager to come out of my cage for play time and really enjoy exploring.

SF_Emily_2_Feb05.jpg (210325 bytes)

My name is Gino, and I'm a 10 month old male rabbit weighing about 4 lbs. I have a great personality and would make a wonderful companion for someone. I'm energetic and playful and love to explore and have pretty good litterbox habits.

I've even met some famous people like Cheryl Jennings from channel 7 news. You see I was chosen to be Perfect Pet of the Week by the Peninsula Humane Society when I was there. When my time ran out at the shelter a nice lady from House Rabbit Society came and got me. Now I'm waiting for my forever home in the HRS foster home.

SF_Emily_2_Feb05.jpg (210325 bytes)

I'm Nicholas and I'm a 1 year old male Holland Lop. I'm a very courageous guy. You see I was found in front of someone house with a very serious injury to one of my back legs. Lucky for me I was brought to Peninsula Humane Society and a very nice lady from the House Rabbit Society came and got me. I was then taken to Dr. Carolynn Harvey in Oakland to be examined. My leg had to be removed because of the seriousness of the injury. I had my surgery several months ago and am fully recovered. So now I'm a three legged hopper. You wouldn't even know I only have three legs to hop on as I'm very energetic and playful and extremely outgoing. I love people. I have a little problem with my litterbox habits so I will need a home where someone will be patient with me.

I have been through alot and the first part of my life was pretty rough so my foster mom is looking for an exter special home for me to live in.

SF_Emily_2_Feb05.jpg (210325 bytes) SF_Emily_2_Feb05.jpg (210325 bytes)

Emily is a 9 month old female New Zealand Black. Emily and her sister Isabelle were surrendered by her family to Peninsula Humane Society. The rabbits were being raised for food by the 19 year old daughter. She had been a vegeterian, but then decided to eat meat. She decided to that she would only eat meat that she had raised, butchered and cooked herself. When she butched the first rabbit it went very badly, so she didn't kill anymore. The family then decided to bring the rabbits to the shelter. Isabelle was rescued by HRS Save A Bunny shortly after giving birth. Emily was put up for adoption and when time ran out for her was rescued by the San Francisco Peninsula Chapter of House Rabbit Society.

The volunteers at the shelter really enjoyed working with her and were amazed at how trusting she was of people. She loves to explore and is quite inquisitive. She has a sweet personality and really enjoys being petted. She doesn't mind being picked up or carried.

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We're Chloe and Chelsea,  2 year-old female rabbits who are a bonded pair. Our owner surrendered us to Peninsula Humane Society because he didn't have time for us anymore. Were rescued by HRS and are now living in foster care waiting for our new home. We're extremely mellow girls. We adore each other and you will find us grooming and lounging together all the time.  We're quiet and sweet, and would love a new home soon!

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Hello, I'm Harley an 8 month old neutered Harliquin rabbit. Let me tell you about my story and how I was saved at the 11th hour and rescued by House Rabbit Society. I was found in front of someone house in Daly City and brought to Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo. I had a wire collar around my neck with a big bell attached to it. My owner probably put it on me when I was a baby not realizing that I would grow. When I got to the shleter the collar had to be cut off it was so tight.

When I arrived at the shelter there were many rabbits there. House Rabbit Society was called and asked if they could take me so I wouldn't be euthanized. A lady from the House Rabbit Society came and got me and now I'm living in a foster home waiting to be adopted. I have a very gentle personality and would make a good frirst time rabbit for someone. Or maybe a companion for a spayed female rabbit

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SF_Nooman_1_Feb05.jpg (94412 bytes)
Nooman is a 4 1/2 year old male, dwarf rabbit. He weighs about 3 lbs. and is all black except for a tip of white on one front paw. He is engergetic and playful but can be a little on the shy side when first approached. He can be uncomfortable in the presence of men; we believe he may have been severely mistreated in his former home. He has learned to trust since he has been with us. We are hoping for a home with a single person or a quiet couple who will help Nooman feel secure.  Nooman is one of our Overlooked Treasures.

SF_Mo_1_Mar04.JPG (107622 bytes) SF_Mo_2_Mar04.JPG (111558 bytes)

Hi, I'm Mo, a 9 month-old neutered male, grey chinchilla-color dwarf. Wow that's a mouthful! Let me tell you a little bit about me.

When I was 6 weeks old I was brought to Peninsula Humane Society with an injury to my hind end. We're not sure what happened to me but we think I was injured by a dog or maybe a racoon. HRS came down and rescued me and within a few short weeks of cage rest I was as good as new. I'm able to hop and jump and run with the best of them!  I have a delightful personality and  interact really well with people. Which means, I make friends easy.  I have very good potty habits and keep my cage pretty clean.   I would do best in a home with no young children because of my small size. I only weigh about 3 lbs.

SF_Merry_Pippen_1_Dec04.jpg (150060 bytes) SF_Merry_Pippen_2_Dec04.jpg (132888 bytes)
We're Merry and Pippen, named after characters from the movie, Lord of the Rings. We are neutered males about 1 and a half years old. We are very mellow, gentle boys who have a curious side to us. We love to explore and are very smart. The volunteers at Peninsula Humane Society, where we started off, socialized us. A very kind person found both of us on the street. She tried to find our owners for four days and when she couldn't we were brought to the shelter. Please give us a new home. We would like to have a new adventure with you!

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SF_Lucy_1_Feb05.jpg (121092 bytes)

I'm Lucy a 2 1/2 year old female Dwarf rabbit. I have a sweet, mellow disposition ,and I'm pretty easy going and don't mind being handled. I'm looking for a good bunny home, but no small children please, as I'm too hard for little hands to hold well.

SF_Higgins_2_Feb05.jpg (96412 bytes) SF_Higgins_1_Feb05.jpg (133239 bytes)

Hello there I'm Higgins a 2 1/2 year old male Rex. I'm a pretty mellow guy but can be very playful during my excercise time. I realy enjoy exploring and make good use of my time in the play area. I also like to do alot of lounging especially in my cage where I can daydream and think about life.

You could say I'm one lucky guy, saved for a reason. When I was at the shelter and my time ran out I was supposed to have been euthanized three different times. The first time my paperwork got misplaced and I was spared. The second time they got busy and I was spared. The third time House Rabbit Society found out about my fate and came down and rescued me. Boy was I lucky!  Now, I know this picture of me on the right is pretty silly. My foster mom was taking a picture of me and I just couldn't resist sticking my tongue out at her. Heehee!!  Come adopt me and we'll have fun!

0203_triston.jpg (7992 bytes)

Stand back - here I come! If you see me out in the play area, you will probably notice that I love, love, love hopping through the tubes. My name is Triston and I am a 3-year old male brown & black rabbit who just loves to play. They say I do it "enthusiastically," whatever that means. I just know that like to hop and play and have a good time with my friends. I am handsome, friendly, charming, and have radar-like ears that go everywhere, all the time. If you are looking for an easy-to-hold, fun guy, hop on down to see me!

SF_Albert_1_Feb05.jpg (77578 bytes) SF_Albert_2_FEb05.jpg (86443 bytes)

Albert is a 3 year old male Dutch rabbit. Dutch rabbits are known for there longetivy,living to be as old as 14. Albert has had a very rough life. You see his mom moved from the Bay Area to the East Coast. At the last minute her plans fell through and she was forced to leave Albert and his mate Bun Bun at the local shelter. Bun Bun was quite a few years older then Albert and not in good health. Her health failed while at the shelter and she had to be euthanized. In one week Albert lost his mom, his mate and his home. Luckly House Rabbit Society came and rescued him from the shelter where he was living. Albert is such a mellow guy that she doesn't mind at all and sits very still for all of it. We would like to get Albert another mate as we know he would do well with another rabbit in his life. Until she comes along we are providing him with lots of love.


molly1.jpg (14314 bytes)
Molly is a 2-year-old female rabbit and weighs about 6 lbs. She is brown and white. Molly is very outgoing and friendly, energetic and playful. She is very much a free spirit. Her best features are her big brown eyes, long lashes, and her beautiful large ears.

SF_Maurice_1_Feb05.jpg (134784 bytes)

SF_Maurice_2_Feb05.jpg (95216 bytes)

Ho ho, my name is Maurice and if I could choose an occupation, I would be a comedian. I like to captivate my audience by using my active personality and outgoing friendliness. As a one-year old handsome male rabbit, I am a great entertainer and friends tell me that I am fun to watch. If you are looking for a delightful guy who will keep you laughing, come by and catch my act.

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SF_Corky_2_Jul02.JPG (16946 bytes)
Corky is a 3 year-old New Zealand White male, with a delightful personality. He has all the characteristics of a perfect bunny companion. He loves his playtime and can even be a bit of an escape artist! What's best about Corky is that he loves to snuggle down in your lap and would be an excellent friend for watching a movie or reading a book. A big plus - Corky has excellent litterbox habits!


AUT_3100.JPG (74229 bytes)
Spike is a 4 year-old neutered male who weighs about 4 lbs and has excellent litterbox habits. He lived with a family where there was a dog and a cat, as well as children.Spike is a great rabbit; mellow and easy going, and great with people. He has a lot of energy, great curiosity, and is very affectionate.

SF_Bennet_1_Feb05.jpg (129055 bytes) SF_Bennet_2_Feb05.jpg (110720 bytes)

I'm Bennett, a 2 year old male agouti color rabbit. I am on the small side, weighing in at about 4 pounds. I have a round face with chubby checks and a very expressive face. I'm really a people rabbit and very friendly and inquisitive. When I was at the Peninsula Humane Society my cage was in the front lobby of the shelter where I was a greeter. Sometimes the customer service staff let me sit behind the counter on my own stool. I would offen take a nap there. After the shelter closed I would get to run free behind the counter and sometimes jump into the filing basket or get up on a shelf. I would make a great house rabbit and may I add I have very good litterbox habits.

SF_Milo_Corey_Jul02.JPG (17925 bytes)
Milo and Corey are a bonded pair of bunnies, about 4 years old. They really compliment each other, with Corey being a bown Rex and Milo a Silver Martin. They are both medium-sized rabbbits and weigh about 4 to 5 pounds. Milor and Corey are very attentive to each other, as well as people- friendly. They both have very calm personalities and good litter-box habits.

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SF_Sparky_2_Feb05.jpg (103693 bytes)
Sparkey is a 5 year-old mal White Satin, which is a very unique and special breed. His coat is very shiney, and looks and feels just like satin. He is an extremely outgoing, friendly guy who wans to make friends with everyone he meets. He has a very confident way about him and probably would be good with older children, and other pets such as a dog or cat. Sparkey is one of our Overlooked Treasures.

SF_Amelia_2_Feb05.jpg (141041 bytes)

SF_Amelia_1_Feb05.jpg (122909 bytes)
Amelia is a beautiful 3 year-old agouti brown-colored standard bunny. who was found at Lake Merced in San Francisco. Her foster mom was walking her dog, when she saw Amelia in the bushes. After much coaxing, she agreed to be caught. Amelia has a very gentle "way" about her and loves people, and can be very curious and inquisitive. Amelia interacts well with people and loves to have her nose rubbed, actually closing her eyes and relaxing while she enjoys your gentle touch. She also does well around gentle dogs and cats.
SF_Chubby_Feb05.jpg (154367 bytes) Chubby is available through "private adoption."  Please contact if you are interested in adopting Chubby.

Chubby is a 3 year-old Holland Lop male, who has not yet been neutered.  Friendly and comical, Chubby is a joyful rabbit who loves to dart around and jump for joy.  He is a very entertaining little boy. Chubby uses his litterbox and needs to have an indoor home where he will be safe from predators and inclement weather.

Our HRS chapter works closely with the City and County of San Francisco Animal Care and Control. Their web page always has at least one rabbit available for adoption. We also work in conjunction with the San Mateo Peninsula Humane Society. And for those of you in Marin, the Marin Humane Society also has rabbits available for adoption; they are located at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato, phone 415-883-4621.

House Rabbit Society is a non-profit rescue and education group.
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