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Here are a few of the rabbits available for immediate adoption through our fostering network. All are spayed or neutered. For more information about adopting, phone (650) 994-1012 or email

There are also many other rabbits available for adoption in other parts of the U.S. through the House Rabbit Society network of foster homes.

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Chelsea and Chloe are a pair of 3 year old female rabbits. Chloe is Himalayan, and Chelsea is a dwarf mix. They each weigh about 3 pounds. This bonded pair of girls each have gentle personalities and interact well with people. Their favorite game is to play "tag" with each other. Chelsea and Chloe are a delightful pair to watch, and they are easy to handle and good with their litterbox.



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Molly is a 2-year-old female rabbit and weighs about 6 lbs. She is brown and white. Molly is very outgoing and friendly, energetic and playful. She is very much a free spirit. Her best features are her big brown eyes, long lashes, and her beautiful large ears.
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Hannah is a 1 year-old, female Netherland Dwarf. She weighs about 3 pounds, and is a beautiful topaz color. Hannah can be a bit territorial about her cage, but is very sweet once outside. She is social, friendly, and loves to explore. She is also very good with her litterbox.


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Noel is a 1 year-old female who was left in the parking lot at the Peninsula Humane Society during Christmas. She has a  sable brown coat and the tips of her front paws are white. She was very scared when she first came to the shelter, but ajusted very quickly. She has a sweet personality and loves attention. She also loves to jump on your lap to be petted, while you are sitting on the floor. Noel weighs about 4 lbs. and has good litter box habits.


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Corky is a 5 month-old New Zealand White male, with a delightful personality. He has all the characteristics of a perfect bunny companion. He loves his playtime and can even be a bit of an escape artist! What's best about Corky is that he loves to snuggle down in your lap and would be an excellent friend for watching a movie or reading a book. A big plus - Corky has excellent litterbox habits!



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Spike is a 4 year-old neutered male who weighs about 4 lbs and has excellent litterbox habits. He lived with a family where there was a dog and a cat, as well as children.Spike is a great rabbit; mellow and easy going, and great with people. He has a lot of energy, great curiosity, and is very affectionate.


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Sabrina is a 4 year-old spayed female. She is a big girl with lots of charm and personality. Sabrina is very people friendly.




Isabell is a  3 year-old spayed female rabbit. She weighs 5 lbs and her coat is a blend of grey and brown Chinchilla. Isabell is physically challenged but doesn't knit. She had an old injury to her leg, but nothing stops her from running and leaping into  in the air! Isabell loves people, and more then anything wants to be part of a family. She is a very happy, lovable bunny.
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Milo and Corey are a bonded pair of bunnies, about 4 years old. They really compliment each other, with Corey being a bown Rex and Milo a Silver Martin. They are both medium-sized rabbbits and weigh about 4 to 5 pounds. Milor and Corey are very attentive to each other, as well as people- friendly. They both have very calm personalities and good litter-box habits.


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Leo is a 2 1/2 year-old neutered male rabbit, who weighs about 8 lbs. and has a beutiful, grey chinchilla coloring. He is playful, energetic, and interacts well with people. Leo even taught a class at summer camp, where he helped children learn how to care for rabbits. The children adored Leo and were attracted to his friendly personality.



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Nooman is a 2 year-old neutered, male, dwarf rabbit. He weighs 3 lbs. and is all black except for a tip of white on the end of one of his paws. Nooman is very personable and interacts well with people. He is also  very energetic and loves to explore.


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Sparkey is a 1-year-old male rabbit. His breed is known as White Satin. He is white with light black markings, and dark eyes. Sparkey weighs about 6-lbs. He was found on the street with a broken leg and was taken to Peninsula Humane Society where he spent two months there, while being treated and his leg was healing. Sparkey can hop and run perfectly now. He has a very friendly personality and wants to make friends with everyone he meets. He has a very confident way about him and is active and energetic. Sparkey also gets along well with dogs and cats.


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Emma is a young adult female mini Rex. Touching her is like touching a beautiful piece of velvet, as her coat is very lush. Emma has a lovely personality and loves to snuggle in your arms to be petted. She is a very sweet, calm rabbit who is eager to make friends with everyone she meets. Emma is active while out of her cage for exercise, and does like to chew so her foster mom gives her lots of good (bunny appropriate) things to chew on.


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Jeremy is a 3 year-old male who weighs about 6 lbs. He is a black and white English Spot mix.  Jermey is outgoing and friendly, and interacts well with people.


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Dandelion is a 1 year-old female. She is all white with light brown markings and dark eyes. and weighs about 6 lbs. Dandelion has a very pleasant personality and is very much a free spirit. She interacts well with people and is eager to make friends. She has been around a dog and a cat.


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Buttons  is a 1 year-old Holland lop, and weighs about 3 lbs. He is being treated for an enlarged heart with antibiotics and has already shown improvement. Buttons has a delightful personality and is very out going and friendly. He interacts well with people. His favorite thing to do is to jump into the waste basket when no one is looking. We recommend a home with no small children because of his size.  Update August 02: Buttons is doing better and is no longer on antibiotics. However, he will likely remain on Lasix the remainder of his life.


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Amelia is a beautiful 2 year-old agouti brown-colored standard bunny. who was found at Lake Merced in San Francisco. She has a very gentle "way" about her and loves people. She also seems fine around the dog and cat. Amelia interacts well with people and loves to have her nose rubbed, actually closing her eyes and relaxing while she enjoys your gentle touch.


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SF_Nicolette_Jul02.JPG (21356 bytes) SF_Nicolette_3_Jul02.JPG (26119 bytes)
Nicolette is a 2 year-old Siamese Seal Point female dwarf. She weighs about 3 pounds. When she first came to the Peninsula Humane Society, she was brought in with another rabbit who had beat her up. It took her a long time to trust again. Nicolette can be a little territorial about her cage, but once she's out she's fine. She is active, loves to explore, and has good litterbox habits.


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Molly and Heidi  are a bonded pair of female rabbits. They are about 1 year old and weigh about 6 lbs. Molly, is a brown Agouti and Heidi, is black. Theses two girls have very outgoing and friendly personalities, and are both very playful. They have excellent letterbox habits.


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Cotton and Bosco are a bonded pair of boys who are 1 year old. Cotton is all white and Bosco is black. Both are full-sized rabbits, weighing about 7 pounds. They were found at an office complex and brought to the Peninsula Humane Society. These boys have   delightful personalities and are very outgoing and friendly. They love to explore while out of their cage and are curious about everything. They have very good litter box habits.

We work closely with the City and County of San Francisco Animal Care and Control. Their web page always has at least one rabbit available for adoption. We also work in conjunction with the San Mateo Peninsula Humane Society. And for those of you in Marin, the Marin Humane Society also has rabbits available for adoption; they are located at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato, phone 415-883-4621.

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