Charlotte's Garden



May 31st, 2005

Written By: Donna Jensen

Every Spring I plant a special garden for Charlotte. We use the patio and main area in are yard for her garden. This came about when I first rescued Charlotte five years ago from Peninsula Humane Society. She was owner surrender for allergies. We also found out that she had been living in the basement for the first five years of her life before she was brought to the shelter.

I bonded with her right away at the shelter and promised her that if she didn't get adopted I would take her home with me. When her time was up we rescued her and promised her the best room in our house. She had a cage in our bedroom in front of the sliding glass door which goes out into the garden. Charlotte loved her view and would spend most of her day when she wasen't in the garden, looking out and gazing at the view.

Over the Memorial Day weekend we had such beautiful weather which we took advantage of and started her garden. I loved showing her the beautiful flowers we bought for her and where we would plant them. There is still more work to do but the main part is done.

Charlotte, is now 10 years old and has slowed down in the last year or so. Last year we retired her as our educational rabbit and she is now spending long hours admiring her garden.


SF_delilah_1_dec04.jpg (171483 bytes) Donna with Charlotte
SF_delilah_2_dec04.jpg (151482 bytes) Charlotte
Charlotte and Teddy, the little dog.


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