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The SF Chapter publishes our own local newsletter. If you'd like to join our local chapter and receive the newsletter, email san-francisco@rabbit.org for more information, or phone (650) 994-1012. One-year membership dues are $15.00 for our local chapter, and cover the cost of publishing and mailing the newsletter. We also welcome submissions for our newsletter from our members.

Contributions and donations are always welcome. Many bunnies are rescued from the shelters and given a new lease on life thanks to our members. 
Our foster home is really in need of donations to continue our care for the rabbits.

Please phone (650) 994-1012 or send a donation to this address if you would like to make a donation.

S.F/Peninsula House Rabbit Society

P. O. Box 31912

San Francisco Ca. 94131

We also have HRS Promotional Items for sale to help support our foster bunnies.



Recent Events

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Donna Jensen (SF/Peninsula Chapter Manager) with Cheryl Jennings from channel 7 with a rabbit from Peninsula Humane Society on the set for "Perfect Pet of the Week".
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Donna and Joel Bartlett with a rabbit from Peninsula Humane Society on the set for "Perfect Pet of the Week" at channel 7





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Sparkey, our featured bunny.

Can you provide a happy future for an abandoned bunny?

  • Overlooked Treasures - This new page features rabbits who have been in foster care for a number of years. Please stop by and meet our "overlooked treasures" - perhaps you'll be the "one" for one of them!
  • Rainbow Bridge Stories - in memory of wonderful bunnies.



Charlotte's Garden:

Every Spring Donna plants a special garden for Charlotte who is now a 10 yeaer old bunny
 Read The Story and view some beautiful pictures of Charlotte in the garden!


The San Francisco chapter of HRS is actively involved with HRS' national adoption and education center in Richmond. We're seeking volunteers
to help at the shelter. Could you help out a few hours a month? Please email us and let us know!



Rabbit Care

A list of Bunny-Friendly Resources and Pet Supply Stores in the Bay Area.

   How to tell if your bunny is sick.

   How to choose a veterinarian before you need one.

   Bunny friendly Vets in the Bay Area.

   The National HRS Home Page has a tremendous search engine available where you can type in symptoms and find articles  relating to the illness.

    San Francisco HRS has bunny sitting services for your trips out of town. Contact us at (650) 994-1012 for more information.

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