Overlooked Treasures

Sometimes a rabbit arrives in foster care, who is wonderful in so many ways. However, this bunny seems to wait forever to choose his or her new owner. We know they are waiting for that very special person who is just right for them. Please, come meet our "Overlooked Treasures" and perhaps you'll be that special "one" for one of them.


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Nooman is a 4 1/2 year old male, dwarf rabbit. He weighs about 3 lbs. and is all black except for a tip of white on one front paw. He is engergetic and playful but can be a little on the shy side when first approached. He can be uncomfortable in the presence of men; we believe he may have been severely mistreated in his former home. He has learned to trust since he has been with us. We are hoping for a home with a single person or a quiet couple who will help Nooman feel secure.


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Sparkey is a 5 year-old mal White Satin, which is a very unique and special breed. His coat is very shiny, and looks and feels just like satin. He is an extremely outgoing, friendly guy who wans to make friends with everyone he meets. He has a very confident way about him and probably would be good with older children, and other pets such as a dog or cat.



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