The San Francisco Chapter of the HRS is supported entirely by private donations, and by the profit earned from our promotional items. All donations are used by our members to support foster bunnies, and to help buy supplies to educate the public. Currently, our bunnies are supported by 50% donations, and 50% out-of-pocket by our members. We appreciate all donations of time, money, and effort.

Available for purchase are our promotional items (and be sure to stop by again, as these items are always changing), available to you by mail. Phone or email us to place orders.

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House Rabbit Handbook
by Marinell Harriman

The 4th edition is just released and now for sale!

Every rabbit owner should have a copy of The House Rabbit Handbook by Marielle Harriman. Now in the 4th edition, this is a ground breaking introduction to rabbits as housepets. Featuring information on nutition, housing, litterbox training and more. Learn the basics of bunny care to enrich your current bunny's life, or to prepare for your next bunny.These are $10 each plus $2 shipping. Paperback.





We also offer our own mug with the HRS logo on one side, and this mural of different breeds of bunnies on the other. The background color is a nice deep teal. These are $8 each, plus $3 shipping. We do discount for quantity; call or e-mail for exact prices.





In the future, we intend to have many more items available for sale, but we are a new chapter, so please bear with us and keep checking back to see what's new!

Contact our SF Chapter at (650) 994-1012 to order items or email us!

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