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May 19th, 2005

Deliah had just truned one year old and was always such a happy healthy bun.  Her sister Porchia and brother Midnight share a cage close by where they can see each other. last year they were living in temporary foster home for six months.

This is a recap of Deliah's story:
The mom and litter of five were brought to PHS at one week old. The people who owned the rabbits surrendered them to PHS. At about 3 weeks old the shelter decided they were't going to keep them because we had so may rabbits at the time. I was able to find someone who could foster them and she saved there lives by doing so. These rabbits were such a happy group and very friendly for being so young. Always hopping over to you when you approached the cage.

The women who fostered them kept the mon and one of the sister. Unfortunatley one of the sister met with an accident with there dog leaving Deliah alone without her sibbling. I had tried to find her another mate after bringing them back to my foster home with her sister and brother. Maybe she felt she wanted to be reunited with her sister once again.
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