Check Out the Latest Grants from House Rabbit Society!

This month, a number of rabbit rescue groups, including our own chapters, are struggling with large rescues.  We are lucky enough to be able to help groups like this with our Emergency Rescue Grant and Chapter Grant programs:


Some of the Mar Vista Rabbits




Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation for spay/neuter and veterinary care for the Mar Vista Rabbit Rescue in Los Angeles which involves from 200-300 rabbits.  Please consider helping by visiting this link.





Floyd Park rabbits being cared for




Bunnies Matter for spay/neuter and vet care for the Floyd Lamb Park rabbits rescued from the Las Vegas feral population. To help, please visit this link!





Recently abandoned rabbits at Brother Wolf




Brother Wolf, of Asheville, North Carolina, to help with the spay/neuters and vet care for the box of 45 rabbits that were abandoned on their doorstep. You can help by visiting this link!