Companion Animal Release from Experiments [CARE] Act

House Rabbit Society does not condone animal testing. Sadly, this testing still exists in America and there are currently no laws that ensure animals have a chance to find a loving home when the animals are no longer wanted by a laboratory—rescues and shelters should have an opportunity to save these animals.

A federal bill called the Companion Animal Release from Experiments [CARE] Act has been proposed to improve opportunities for adoption for animals previously used in laboratories. It would require that research facilities receiving funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) develop and implement adoption policies for dogs, cats and rabbits when no longer used for research. It would also require public transparency by requiring that the adoption polices to be made available on the website and requiring that the facility keep publicly available records on the number animals released for adoption.

You can help make a difference by finding out more about The Care Act and contacting your representative to voice your support.

“We experiment on over 200,000 dogs, cats, and rabbits each year. The least we can do is give these living beings a chance at life in a loving home.”

Bill sponsor, Congressman Tony Cárdenas