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Oct 6, 2012

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House Rabbit Society welcomes your feedback, comments, and questions. We’re a volunteer-based organization and appreciate your patience, as it sometimes takes us longer than we’d like to research and respond to your requests.

Please keep in mind that your mail will be better received and our time better spent if you take a few minutes to read our FAQs before sending mail.

Please give your email a descriptive subject line, such as “rabbit health question” and it’s much more likely to be answered. Our aliases get A LOT of spam! If you don’t give your message a meaningful subject line, it might mistakenly end up in the unanswered spam pile.

Your email will be received by a volunteer and it could take them a while to answer your message. So you may not get a response for up to a week. If you have an urgent medical questions, we suggest you consult our health pages and contact a qualified rabbit veterinarian.

One quick easy way to get your questions answered, is to use our handy Search Feature in the left column of every page (including this one!) Just enter one or two keywords, such as “stop digging” and you will be directed to a variety of articles that discuss that subject.

For… Email to…
Contacting your local chapter Consult our local contacts directory.
Care questions care (
Health Questions health (
Socialization Questions socialization (
Rabbit Bonding Questions bonding (
Litter training Questions littertraining (
Chewing Questions chewing (
Digging Questions digging (
Other Behavior Questions behavior (
Membership questions membership (
Info on volunteer opportunities volunteer (
Information on Public Relations PR (
Website Feedback website (

House Rabbit Society
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(510) 970-7575

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