Day of Action Focused on Whole Foods: August 17

Rabbit protection groups around the country are planning on coming together to tell Whole Foods Market what rabbit lovers really think about Whole Foods’ decision to start selling rabbit meat in their stores.

The following cities and stores will have peaceful leafleting at them:image

Northern California

Southern Pacific

Pacific Northwest

Rocky Mountain


North Atlantic



Mid Atlantic

Pets def.What Materials Should You Bring?

Visit to download and print their demonstration poster below right (also available here) for your participants to carry. A less “in your face” poster that you might want to use instead can be downloaded here.

Print out our “ruby eyed”  poster here and bring it along with you to show what wonderful animals rabbits, and New Zealand rabbits in particular, are.

WF BB Poster-page-001If you are in California, you might want to use the demonstration poster above left to carry instead or as well!

Visit the Whole Foods Kills Rabbits Pinterest page to find loads of great images to use on posters, flyers, or websites.

Bring these blank petitions to have people sign; when you have them signed, send them to Lisa Rockwell

Bring these leaflets (below) to hand out.

Have a stack of flyers ready to give out (see bottom of page for samples):

  • Flyer A: this is the front and this is the back.
  • Flyer B (can be printed in color or black and white): this is the front and this is the back.

WF Leaflet-page-001Buy a tee shirt here if you want to look stylin!

What Should You Do?

Have at least two people at the event, and plan to politely talk to Whole Foods customers about the company’s decision to sell rabbit meat. Your goal is to inform customers of Whole Foods’ decision, let them know what wonderful animals rabbits are, remind them how popular rabbits are as pets, and let them know that the company’s “humane standards” in terms of how the rabbits are being raised and killed are really just greenwashing PR. Your ultimate goal is to encourage these customers to walk into the store, and fill out a comment card expressing their concerns, and to also, if possible, talk directly to the store’s management.

Where should you stand?

Flyer B by Sandy Parshall
Flyer B by Sandy Parshall

The First Amendment covers your rights to stand on a sidewalk, to hand out literature, and to speak to people, all without a permit, as long as you are not impeding traffic. However, be aware of the property that is directly in front of the Whole Foods store, because that property is most likely owned by the company itself, excluding of course the public sidewalk. If anyone complains about you, you may need to keep moving on the sidewalk, so as not to block traffic, but you do not have to leave a public sidewalk.

Tara Baxter
Flyer A by Tara Baxter

In addition, in California, and in some other states, shopping centers are not considered private property by the courts. In other words, the courts recognize malls and shopping centers as public gathering places, which means that you DO have the right to distribute information and talk to customers outside of the store in those centers. But each state is different, so you may want to check with your local state laws.

If you do choose to leaflet and speak to people directly outside of the store (but definitely do not do so directly in front of the doors!), then the store manager will most likely come out and ask you to leave, in which case you will need to move to a public sidewalk.

Remember–Whole Foods says they are carrying rabbit meat because of customer demand. We want to show that enough customers demand that Whole Foods NOT carry rabbit meat. 

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