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Mar 12, 2018 by HRS

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Before you fill out this application please determine ….is this is the right application for you?

NO: IF you volunteer for a rabbit group that is an HRS chapter

YES: IF you do not have an HRS chapter in your area

If you volunteer for a rabbit group that is an HRS Chapter then you should contact the Chapter Manager to apply to be an educator within that chapter. Volunteers living within the boundaries of an HRS chapter are licensed ONLY through that chapter and are not eligible to be licensed through this application.


Thank you for your interest in being a Non-Chapter HRS educator.

If you feel you meet the qualifications below, AND you do NOT volunteer for an HRS Chapter, please fill out the application that follows.

If you are working with, or live within the boundaries of, one of our HRS chapters please email the chapter manager directly about becoming an educator. DO NOT FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION!  Each Chapter Manager licenses their own volunteers through there only application process.  A complete list of chapters can be found here.

If you live in a region without an HRS chapter, it is up to the national Licensing Committee to review your application to be a Non-Chapter Educator.

If you are going to be a non-chapter educator, we expect that you will be involved in national outreach activities or projects.

Please understand that the Non-Chapter HRS Educator licensing program is not a mentoring program. To be approved as an educator, you must already have a very good and complete knowledge of house rabbit care and behavior coming into the program.

We expect that you have been volunteering on a local level with a humane society or other organization for at least one year before applying to be a licensed educator.                                                                  


  • You must NOT be working with or in the boundaries of a House Rabbit Society Chapter
  • You must be in agreement with the House Rabbit Society philosophy and policies. (See HRS Philosophy )
  • You should have continuous, on-going, hands-on experience with a variety of individual rabbits. This may include fostering in your home, volunteering/working at your local animal shelter, a veterinary clinic, etc.
  • It is expected that you will have at least 1 year of volunteer experience before applying to be an educator.
  • You should have good rapport with at least one rabbit veterinarian.
  • Be a member of the House Rabbit Society (send $20 to House Rabbit Society, 148 Broadway, Richmond, CA 94804, or join online)
  • You should have as many back issues to the House Rabbit Journal as are available (you can download them from our website at
  • You should have access to the Fourth Edition of the House Rabbit Handbook.
  • You should have managerial skills for coordinating activities and volunteers.
  • You should be an articulate and tactful self-starter.
  • You must (except in the case of medical reasons) not maintain any unneutered or unspayed rabbits.
  • You must house your rabbits indoors. If you have a fostering program, you must house your foster rabbits indoors.


House Rabbit Society educators are responsible for:

  • Working with local shelters to help them with their rescue and adoption programs.
  • Educating the public through distributing educational handouts, holding educational seminars, and working with shelters and veterinarians.
  • Operating a phone help line to help local people with health and behavior questions
  • Cultivating a referral list of veterinarians who safely work with rabbits in your area.
  • Providing assistance with helping people to find homes for their unwanted rabbits, and with helping others to adopt needy rabbits.
  • Spreading the HRS message of spay/neuter, indoor living, and other basic tenets.
  • Filling out a year-end report detailing your activities.
  • Signing the HRS Educators Pledge and agreeing to uphold it for as long as you are an HRS Volunteer. (You can sign it by clicking the “yes” button at the end of the application.)
  • Volunteering on projects that help the House Rabbit Society directly (in addition to time spent working on local or regional volunteer activities.)


If you are already actively working to educate on rabbit care, workingas a licensed House Rabbit Society educator has many benefits:

  • Access to a knowledgeable and welcoming online community. House Rabbit Society maintains several online discussion forums available only to licensed educators. These forums are a wonderful place to share and exchange knowledge with over 100 other licensed educators who all have a shared philosophy and purpose.
  • House Rabbit Society’s reputation. As a licensed educator, you are empowered to speak on behalf of our organization. Our name is well known and respected in the animal rescue world and across the Internet.
  • Access to our wide variety of education materials.


Please take your time to read and thoroughly answer the questions on the following pages. This application was designed to get to know you and your approaches to rabbit care and public education. Your answers are the primary criteria used for evaluation.

Educator Application

  • About You

  • Your Household

  • Your Experience

  • Your Shelter

  • Fostering (if applicable)

  • How Would You Answer...?

  • Your Philosophy

  • Conclusion

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