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Auction Thanks

A Leap for Joy, House Rabbit Society's 20th Anniversary Celebration held on June 21, owes its success to the generosity of the following individuals and companies who have donated items to our silent auction, or who have donated to or sponsored this event in other ways:

$1000 Corporate Sponsors

American Pet Diner
Brooklyn Bunny

$250 Corporate Sponsors

Cats, Rabbits and More
Rabbit Stop

Silent Auction Donors

18 Carrot Jewelry
24 Carrot Lane
Antenna Farm Records
Apronstrings Pet Sitting
Blow Salon
Binky Bunny
Brooklyn Bunny
Bunny Bunch
Bunny Luv
The Bunny Store
Bunny Whipped
Buns N Roses
Burrow Inn
Busy Bunny
Candice Silsby
Cats, Rabbits and More
Carolyn Mosher
Cathy Leonard
Crampton Arts
Disapproving Rabbits
Funny Bunny Toy Company
House Rabbit Society Headquarters
Janice Tunder
Karen Courtemanche
Karen Siverson
Katie Cook and Pleasant Hill Professional Massage Group
Lavendar Fanatic
Letha Woolbright
Leith Petwerks
Liane Ko
Marlene Larkin
MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant
Margo DeMello and Susan Davis
Rabbit Bites
Rabbit Ears
Rabbit Stop
Sandy Loey
Scouts House Animal Rehabilitation Center
The Wood Cottage
White Paw Crafts
Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue

The following artists are donating artwork for the event:

Ann Ranlett
Bad Bunny Ranch
Beth Kamradt
Carolyn Prince Batchelor
Chow Hon Lam
Chris Stover
Evonne Vey
Kathie Rokita
Lucky Bunny
Lucky Rabbit Studio
Rabbitt in Paradise
The Running Rabbit Art Prints
Thistle Creek Studio

Gift Bag goodies generously provided by:

Brooklyn Bunny
Bunny Whipped
Carolyn Mosher
Cookies for Critters
Rabbit Ears

Other donors and supporters include:

Marlene Larkin
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Busy Bunny
Fat Rabbit Farm
McManis Family Vineyards
Philip Gelb Catering
Puppy Paws
Rabbit Ears
Rabbit Bites

If you'd like to donate to the auction, or contribute in any other way to our 20th anniversary celebration, please contact Margo DeMello.

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!