profile of rabbit under chair

Thank you for filling out this short questionnaire!  One of the admins of the group will review it and be in touch with you very soon, probably within a day or two depending on the volume of applicants.

Please take a moment to review the rules of the group:

  • House Rabbit Society is a rabbit rescue and advocacy group which promotes the keeping of house rabbits. Find out more about us here and here.
  • We encouraging indoor, rather than outdoor rabbits, and strongly encourage spaying or neutering rabbits.
  • Discussions about intentional breeding of rabbits, killing rabbits, rehoming rabbits, processing, or eating rabbits are NOT permitted.

PLEASE report concerning or offensive posts or comments PRIVATELY to a group administrator.   To privately message one of our admins, go to the member tab at the top of the group page.  You will see a drop down button that says “All Members” on it.  Click  on this, and select “Admins” from the list – this will display all of our admins for the group, and you may write any of them in a private message.

PLEASE abide by moderator suggestions.  Our moderators are also highly educated in rabbit care, and may remove posts or comments at their discretion that may seem misleading to others new to rabbits.  Please do not take this personally, as we are all here to learn and to share.  If an admin removes your post, s/he will contact you privately to explain the reasons for it and we hope that you will learn from this.

Thank you!  We hope you enjoy our group!