Sources of House Rabbit Information and Support

Jul 10, 2011 by HRS

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The House Rabbit Handbook

This is the most complete and up-to-date resource for house rabbit information. It is stocked by many major bookstores in the United States, you can buy it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and direct from the publisher at Drollery Press

The House Rabbit Journal

This is sent to all members of the House Rabbit Society twice a year as part of our educational efforts. It keeps members abreast of new developments in understanding and caring for our rabbit companions. An online archive of past issues are available. Join House Rabbit Society today!

House Rabbit Society Chapters

Your closest House Rabbit Society chapter is an excellent source of information, and many chapters hold education events, have phone support, and publish their own newsletter. Chapters are financially independent of the national House Rabbit Society, so we encourage you to support them directly. Links to all our chapters can be found in the left column on our home page.

The EtherBun Mailing List

You’ll find lots of knowledgeable House Rabbit Society Educators participating in this unmoderated discussion list. It’s a forum to discuss house rabbit issues in general. Because the list is not moderated, it offers immediacy in case of health emergencies. It is also the largest House Rabbit email list.

For more information and how to subscribe, visit Etherbun’s website

The HouseBun Mailing List

Purpose: a moderated list to discuss health, care & behavior of house rabbits. Because this list is moderated you will not receive off topic, nor “chatty” posts. You’ll find lots of knowledgeable House Rabbit Society educators participating in the discussions.

For more information on list guidelines and how to subscribe, visit Housebun’s website

The House Rabbit Society Web Site

Our web site hosts all 20 sections of this FAQ as well as hundreds of articles from the House Rabbit Journal.

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