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FAQ: About the House Rabbit FAQ
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- Terminology
- Abbreviations
- Revision History

This FAQ presents answers to the House Rabbit Society's most frequently asked questions about house rabbits. The FAQ covers a broad range of topics, and is intended to complement other more detailed publications. The two most comprehensive resources for House Rabbit information are the House Rabbit Handbook by Marinell Harriman, and the House Rabbit Journal, published quarterly by the House Rabbit Society. Information on obtaining these publications is provided in section 3 of this FAQ. In addition, there are many sources for further reading on each of the topics in this FAQ. These are referenced at the end of each section of the FAQ.

There are still several sections (such as related reading) that need to be completed, but I felt it was better to get something out and work on incremental improvements.


To be written.


The following abbreviations are used throughout this FAQ

  • House Rabbit Society - House Rabbit Society
  • HRJ - House Rabbit Journal
  • HRH - House Rabbit Handbook
  • RHN - Rabbit Health News

Revision History

1.0  21-Apr-96  initial version released
2.0  20-Nov-96  added sections on children and travel
2.1  01-Dec-96  added bibliography references on uterine cancer,
                pine and cedar shavings, and amoxicillin. Added
                note on dangers of ingesting toys.
2.2  01-Jan-97  added beside box litter training question
                updated mailinglist addresses
2.3  14-Jan-97  added correct carefresh 800 number.
2.4  27-Jan-97  updated my email address

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