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Happy Tales

(Below are Burrow Inn bunnies who have been adopted and went to loving forever homes.)


Henri was adopted on August 16, 2008!

Hello! My name is Henri and I'm a handsome small and white Rex rabbit. I act very young and energetic and can usually be found playing with my toys in my cage and outside in the bunny play area. I was found my the kind people at the Burrow Inn romping around at Lake Merced. It was suspected that I was dumped out there to fend for myself. I had no defenses and nothing to eat and had to depend on the kindness of people to throw some scaps at me to feed me. Now I'm safe here at the Burrow Inn and looking for a kind person and/or family to adopt me. Will that person be you?


Henri and Brownie


Porschea and Midnight

Proschea and Midnight were adopted on May 22, 2008!


Hi! If you want a lot of “bunny” to love and hold, then here we are...Porschea and Midnight! I, Porschea weigh in at about 13 pounds while my brother Midnight weighs about 10 pounds and were both about 2 years old. We don’t really like to be picked up. However, we still have a lot of love to share with you even if all eight of our paws are on the ground. We even used to live with a dog and we all got along famously! We’re both neutered and spayed and have excellent litter box habits (that means we’re really neat and clean).


Porshcea and Midnight



Harriet was adopted on February 2, 2008 !

Harriet went home today with a wonderful family and to be a companion for Toby. Toby was one of my foster bunnies who was adopted out 8 years ago to be a companion to Izzy. She is 6 1/2 now and I knew I always wanted her to have a companion for her as I felt she was lonely.

Harriet's new family came over this afternoon. We put Toby in the kitchen and brought out Harriet. Toby went right over to introduce himself bunny style. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Harriet seemed like she liked him too. With everyone delight they both went home together in the same carrier.

I'm so happy for Harriet and Toby that they found each other.They both needed each other to fill a void and make life compete.

Congratulations Harriet!


Harriet eating hayHarriet and new family




Noel was adopted on November 3, 2007!

After a stay at the Burrow Inn, Noel (gray rabbit) went home with Burrow Inn alum Benny (read his story below).

Benny's mate Jacques had passed away shortly after he went to his new home. His new human companions wanted to find a mate for Benny. They decided to try the Burrow Inn again to see if Donna could find a mate for him. Noel, a long time foster bunny made the cut and they got along famously!

Congratulations Noel!


Benny and Noel




Angel was adopted on August 12, 2007!

After a stay at the Burrow Inn, Mopsie (lionhead) went home with his new buddy Angel. The matchmaking session went surprsingly smoothly and his new family was extremely happy with their new addition. Below are pictures of Angel and Mopsie together and of them with their human family.


Angel and new family



Albert was adopted on June 16, 2007!

Albert went home with his new family on June 16, 2007. Below are pictures of him and his new family (Albert is the one in the middle). His new bunny friends are Bun Bun and Jack. The introductions went well. All three bunnies have very gentle personalities.

UPDATE: Albert's family sent a picture of his progress. Here is a note from one of his human companions.


Hi Donna,

I just wanted to give you an update on Albert. He is such a sweet rabbit, we really love him. The three of them are doing very well together. They usually spend the night huddled together, grooming each other (see picture below). BunBun has established herself as the head bunny, and keeps Albert and Jack nicely groomed. Thank you so much for letting us adopt Albert. It’s working out very well



Albert and bunny friends



Harry was adopted on March 27, 2007!

Dear All,

I wanted to shared a wonderful story about Harry. To give you an update Harry, aka Floppy, was rescued from PHS in Nov. of 2006. His owner surrendered because his family decided that they wanted another pet. He was brought to the shelter at the begining of October of 2006 and was put on the euthansia list at the end of October. He was on the euthanasia list because he had an eye problem that they thought would hinder him from being adoptable. Jennifer contacted me about him and I agreed to bring him into my foster home. He was charming and just an ever so mellow guy. Jennifer and I both fell in love with him and his personality. He reminded me of a big stuffed bunnny that you just wanted to take to bed with you. At first I didn't want to give him up and the plan was that he would stay with me forever. As time went by I decided that it would be selfish of me to keep such an adorable and very adoptable bunny. He needed a home where he could run free and a mate to call his own.

In March, Sherman contacted me. He had just lost his beloved bunny Barney who was also soul mate to Lottie. Both Lottie and Barney were once my foster bunnies and were adopted from me several years ago. I mentioned to Sherman that when the time was right, I had a adorable mellow bunny by the name of Harry that might be a good match for Lottie. Sherman contacted me again soon after asking if he could bring Lottie over to meet Harry. She was extemely lonely since she losing Barney and had even stopped eating. Her world was so lonely without a companion.

Needless to say, Sherman brought Lottie over to meet Harry. When he first took her out of the carrier she looked so lost and seemed very depressed. When we brought Harry into the kitchen, she seemed to perk up. They both were very interested in each other and they just seemed to click. During the bonding session Lottie immediately started to groom Harry and seemed to know that she needed to pay spcial attention to his eye problem. When she began grooming and cleaning his eye, we knew that she would be taking her duties as a bunny wife seriously. It seemed like a match made in heaven. I honestly think that these two are going to make such a happy couple.

Donna Jensen

Lottie and Harry Lottie grooming Harry



Benjamin was adopted on March 18, 2007!

Dear All,

I received a call last week from a women who's male rabbit named Jacques lost his mate Marie. She was interested in knowing if Jacques would be intered in getting another mate. I didn't have too many girls in the foster home to choose from but invited them over to see if Jacques was ready. We tried three different girls and with each one there was no aggressivness and it did seem he was interested but I didn't see a lot of chemistry. We decided to introduce a male by the name of Benjamin to Jacques and right from the start you could see good chemistry between these two. There was a lot of mounting from both rabbits and even some head and face licking from each other. Jacques will be boarding with me for the week so that I can complete the bonding process and hopefully will go home as a bonded pair very shortly.

To give you a little history of Benjamin, he came to PHS in 2005 with a dislocated hip and very much under weight. The Burrow Inn rescued him and with some cage rest and a good diet he was healthy in no time. His leg healed nicely with just a slight turn out. He is one of the Burrow Inn's many success stories.

Donna Jensen


Jacques and Benjamin Jacques and Benjamin



Ivan was adopted!

Hello, everyone! My name is Ivan, and everyone who sees my picture says I’m such a handsome fellow. I don’t want to brag, but it’s true! I’m a big fellow, about 6.5 lbs. I’m mostly white, with brown ears, and brown spots on my face and body. I’m more reserved and dignified than those other bunnies, but keep watching and I’ll suddenly do my happy dance. Although I’m still a bit wary of people, I’m pretty easy to handle. I think I like this petting stuff, though! My foster parents always praise me for having good litter box habits. I would like a home that will treat me patiently and let me blossom at my own pace. Then watch out, I may end up ruling your household! I am neutered and ready to go home with you now.

If you would like to meet Ivan the Great, contact Sharon at or contact the good people at the Burrow Inn. For more information about me and my family please go to





Frank was adopted! His new home is in Menlo Park where he will be bonded to his new girlfriend Francine! Good Luck Frank!

Hello, my name is Frank and I'm a medium sized, black bunny.  I’m a neutered male bunny who is already micro-chipped!  I’ve been at the Palo Alto Animal shelter for over a year and my time is coming up to where I REALLY, REALLY need a new home now.  The good people who work with me at the shelter says that I am sweet and gentle and love to play with my toys.   Please consider taking me home.  I would love to find out what it’s like to live out of a cage...





Bear was adopted! He went home to an experienced Bunny owner were he too will be paired up with another bunny. Bear may even be moving to China with his new owner! Good luck Bear!

Hi everyone.  My name is Bear and I'm a two year old, medium sized, Siamese bunny.  I’m a neutered boy who is already micro-chipped!  I too have been at the Palo Alto Animal shelter for about a year now and my time is coming up to where I REALLY, REALLY need a new home now.  The good people who work with me at the shelter says that I am friendly and outgoing and enjoy spending time with children.  Bonus is that I LOVE to be held.  Please consider taking me home.




Maurice was adopted on January 13, 2006. He went to a wonderful home in Tracy, California where his new family will be be bonding him with their current bunny Rhubarb. Good Luck Maurice!

Ha ha ha! My name is Maurice and if I could choose an occupation, I would be a comedian. My active and outgoing personality always captivates my audience. I am a four year old handsome neutered male bunny. According to my foster mommy, I am a great entertainer and extremely friendly with everyone. If you are looking for a delightful bunny who will keep you laughing, come by and catch my act!





Gino found a new home during the winter holiday of 2006! It was a bonding moment with another bunny that happened almost instantaneously! He is currently doing very well in his new home and with his new mate. His new family says that he is a fairly calm guy who gets along famously all of them and is no actually sharing a cage with his fellow bunny. Good luck Gino!

Hi there! My name is Gino, and I'm a 10 month old male rabbit weighing a mere 4 lbs. I have a great personality and would make a wonderful companion for someone. I'm energetic and playful and love to explore and have pretty good litter box habits. The highlight of my life so far is that I got to meet Cheryl Jennings from channel 7 news! I was chosen as the ‘Perfect Pet of the Week’ by the Peninsula Humane Society and I got to be on the news! However, even though I’ve been on TV., I still wasn’t able to find a home right away...and so when my time ran out at the shelter, my current foster mommy from the House Rabbit Society came and took me home. Now I'm waiting for my forever home in a House Rabbit Society foster home.




Esmerelda found a new home on Saturday, November 25, 2006 !!

Hi there, my name is Esmerelda and currently I am the ‘Pick of the Litter’ of my group. I came to my current and loving foster home from Peninsula Humane Society, where I was rescued from a stressful situation at another household. Now I am much happier and have a lot of space in my foster home to explore. I love to check everything out and even stop for a few minutes to let my foster mommy pet me. I am a medium sized, 5.5 lbs., very pretty lop-eared bunny. My coloring consists of a silvery gray tint with some unusual dappling of brown on my back; my foster mommy says that I actually look like a tiny Apaloosa – a Lopaloosa! Since I have excellent litter box habits and am pretty tame, I am definitely a great house bunny who loves the great INDOORS.  I am spayed and have been given a clean bill of health and am now ready to go to my forever home. To inquire about me, please send an e-mail out to Sharon at: or contact the good people at The Burrow Inn for more information about me.




Indy found a new home on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 !!

ZOOOM! My name is Indy, and I’m called that because I’m so fast and have lots of energy! I’m a slightly goofy teenager, weighing in at only 4.5 lbs, and I’ve definitely got my youthful high spirits! My foster daddy calls me “The Agouti Cutie”; cool slogan, eh? I always like to be busy, and I’m constantly redecorating my cage. My only complaint about my exercise area is that I want more room to roam. Ok, I actually DO like people, especially this petting stuff that people do, or at least when I slow down enough so that you can actually pet me. I think I might enjoy a family with older children; they’re so cute to play with! If you think you can keep up with me, contact Sharon at or contact the good people at The Burrow Inn. I’m spayed and ready to go, go, go right now!




Rory found a new home !! He is currently being bonded with another bunny! Good Luck Rory!

Rory here! I'm a 2 year old neutered male Rex bunny. I was brought to the Peninsula Humane Society with a fractured pelvis. After the doctors at the Humane Society patched me up, the House Rabbit Society came and rescued me and brought me to Burrow Inn for some peaceful healing time. After several weeks of cage rest, my body healed and now the only evidence of my injury is a minor limp when I hop. I am extremely energetic and outgoing and very friendly with everyone I meet. I really enjoy interacting with my humans and would make a great addition to any family. I probably will also do well with a family that has children and even a small dog too!




Mischa found a new home !!

I’m Mischa! My foster parents named me after ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, because of my acrobatic leaps and spins. I’m a neutered young boy, less than a year old. I’m small, about 4 lbs, and maybe soon I’ll grow into my ears! I’m a rich chocolate brown with dark ears and feet, very striking, they tell me. I’m very energetic, and spend my playtime jumping over the litterbox, my cardboard play box and my friend Bert. I’m still shy around people, because I came from a neglectful home.  My foster parents are giving me special attention, and I think I’d like a quiet laid-back home.

If you have a place for me to leap and climb, and you’re looking for a  partner, come dance with me! Contact Sharon at or phone the Burrow Inn at (650) 994-1012.




Oliver found a new home !!

After being adopted by my new foster mommy, my luck turned even luckier!  Natalie just happened to be boarding at my foster mommy's house and her owners wanted to find her a nice companion. Lucky for me, my foster mommy decided to try me out and lo and behold, our bonding process was a success! Actually, my foster mommy says that as far the bonding process goes, ours was actually pretty easy! As the days passed and we spent more time together, our love came into full bloom. I am very smitten over Natalie and love to groom her little ears and wash her face. She really is my princess. When Natalie's human companions came back to pick her up and were to their delight, they saw that my foster mommy actually found Natalie her prince charming! They packed us BOTH up and now I have found my forever home and I will live happily ever after with my new loving family. Thank you again, for reading my story.





Hi Everyone! Peanut was adopted! The miracle of this story is that Peanut was found as a stray baby, a mere one month old. She was brought into the Peninsula Humane Society with a zero chance of survival since she was put on the euthanasia list due to her severe head tilt. The Burrow Inn decided to rescue her and take her home to see if she would heal and perhaps give her a new lease on life. Lo and behold only a few weeks later, as Peanut got older, her head tilt began to disappear and now she's a bubbling, bright toddler who can never really be found at a standstill. She's and adorable little baby bunny who, now at her new home is considered 'mommy's girl'. Her new family is currently attempting to bond her with another stray bunny that they found. He is dubbed as 'daddy's boy' and does all things little boys do like watch sports with dad! Good luck to you both!

Here are pictures with her in her new home with her new mommy!




Munchy was adopted!




Higgins was adopted!




Emily was reunited with her sister Isabella after her family read her story on are web site!!

UPDATE: Emily asked us to share with everyone that she is happy in her new home.

Emily is a sweet one, although her sister isn't so sure about that (competition for Elliott, the OTHER bunny, no doubt). She loves to find out what's behind doors, to run around, curl up near us, and is particularly fond of nose rubs. It usually takes very little encouragement (a nose rub followed by instructions: "It's cage time") to get her to run into her cage (her sanctuary in our dining room) for the night. She loves to visit Richard when he meditates and exercises on the floor in the mornings. She prefers jazz, ambient, and classical music.




We lost Corky. But Milo was adopted and is living with 11 year old Billy.




Megan was adopted!!

Megan was adopted! A bit cage and food protective at first, Megan was a bit weary of her new bunny companions. But with slow and steady encouragement from her human and Burt's (her new mate) constant need to be around her, they both melted her heart! Now she can be seen doing happy hops and major side kicks around the house. The best part is that Megan feels so at home that she does not bat at her human from the cage, nor is she very food protective too! Usually, at home, you can't find one without the other. Burt is the daredevil of the two, so most of the time, Burt will come zooming into the room while Megan cautiously hops up right behind him. They are extreme cuddle bunnies and love to cuddle with each other! Megan loves to cuddle with her human as well! Her human says that she can't imagine life with out Megan or Burt and is extremely lucky to have found these two.




Nooman was adopted!




Buster was adopted!



Kelly and Kyle

Kelly and Kyle were adopted!




Frankie was adopted!




Rocky was adopted by the same person who adopted Amelie.  Rocky was in the cage above Amelie and he is so charming and has so much personality that she just had to adopt him to.




Amelie was adopted as a companion bunny.




Emma was adopted!



Nim and Stuart

Nim was bonded with Stuart, and they were adopted together!




Abby was adopted!




Molly was adopted!




Toby was adopted!




Tabitha was adopted!




Blondie was adopted!




Cory was adopted!

Jackson, previously known as Cory, is doing well in his new home and his new mate Jo Jo. His new family says that Jackson was just the right medication for their once bored Jo Jo. In Jackson's presences, Jo Jo is more active and has actually shedded some weight (which is a good thing)! Because of Jackson, Jo Jo is now much more "snugglier" with the humans in family as well!

Jackson can be seen at his new home zooming around the house doing the bunny indy 500! He has even figured out how to open the pantry door and take out the bunny food all on his own. Ok so not really, but his new family says that it's awfully fun to watch him try to nose it open.

Sounds like another success story! Congratulations Jackson!


Jackson and Jo Jo Jo Jo and Jackson Nic and Nate



Quentin was adopted!




Thaddeus was adopted!




Benjamin was adopted!




Marcus was adopted!



Domi and Rudy

Domi and Rudy were adopted!




Amos was adopted!




Zoe was adopted!




Darby was adopted!




Heidi was adopted!




Panda was adopted!




Nicolette was adopted!




Rudy was adopted!




Jeremiah was adopted!




Tabitha was adopted!




Gillian was adopted!




Sidney was adopted!




Cody was adopted!




Dolly was adopted!




Maggie was adopted!




Alaska was adopted!



Pinky and Perry

Pinky and Perry were adopted!




Whitney was adopted!



Colleen and Melanie

Colleen and Melanie were adopted!




Gilbert was adopted!




Yukio was adopted!




If you are interested in any of the Burrow Inn rabbits, please click here to download an adoption profile application, fill-out and either e-mail it to or print out and mail it to Burrow Inn c/o House Rabbit Society, P.O. Box 31912, San Francisco, CA 94131. Please note, you need to have your application processed before adoptions can be considered.

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