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*Overlooked Treasure*

Sometimes a rabbit arrives in foster care, who is wonderful in so many ways. However, this bunny seems to wait forever to choose his or her new owner. We know they are waiting for that very special person who is just right for them. Please, come meet our "Overlooked Treasures" and perhaps you'll be that special "one" for one of them.

Again, if you love rabbits, but are not able to adopt or foster, sponsoring a rabbit is another compassionate and helpful way to save lives.



posted: February 2, 2008

Harriet was adopted on February 2, 2008 !

Harriet went home today with a wonderful family and to be a companion for Toby. Toby was one of my foster bunnies who was adopted out 8 years ago to be a companion to Izzy. She is 6 1/2 now and I knew I always wanted her to have a companion for her as I felt she was lonely.

Harriet's new family came over this afternoon. We put Toby in the kitchen and brought out Harriet. Toby went right over to introduce himself bunny style. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Harriet seemed like she liked him too. With everyone delight they both went home together in the same carrier.

I'm so happy for Harriet and Toby that they found each other.They both needed each other to fill a void and make life compete.

Congratulations Harriet!


posted: April 5, 2007

I wanted to give everyone an update on how I was doing.

Tommorow will be the two week mark since I arrived at Donna's. I have adjusted really well and really like my new home. I'm even curious about the other animals that live here with us. Sometimes the cat come's into my room and I'm very curious about her. I even like Donna's dog Teddy.  I'm not a bit afraid of any of them!

Donna took me to see Dr. Harvey on Monday.  Donna says that she is the best bunny vet in the world. Wow! she must be special to have a title like that. When I arrived at the shelter I weighed about 7 lbs 7 oz. but I must have put on some weight while I was there because now I weigh over 8 lbs!  Dr. Harvey says I need to lose some weight. This could be the reason why I'm not cleaning myself very good which is the cause for my poopie butt.

Dr. Harvey examined every inch of me and I wasn't afraid at all. I sat very still except when it came time to look at my teeth. She had to put me on my back for that. She said that I had very pretty white teeth.

Dr. Harvey then took me into the back to have my bottom shaved. So now I'm nice and clean. She also flushed my eye out and a lot of mucus came out it, even through my nose! Now, my eye looks really clear which makes me feel sooooo much better. Donna has to give me bananna flavor Baytril (yum) twice a day and put drops in my eyes twice a day.

I want to thank everyone who took care of me at the shelter and for letting me out of my cage to play.

Donna will send updates to you every now and then so you can see how I'm getting along. By the way, I love and eat all of my veggies and I even get wheat grass too!

Talk to you soon.

Harriett and Donna


Harriet eating




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