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*Overlooked Treasure*

Sometimes a rabbit arrives in foster care, who is wonderful in so many ways. However, this bunny seems to wait forever to choose his or her new owner. We know they are waiting for that very special person who is just right for them. Please, come meet our "Overlooked Treasures" and perhaps you'll be that special "one" for one of them.

Again, if you love rabbits, but are not able to adopt or foster, sponsoring a rabbit is another compassionate and helpful way to save lives.


Update on Max

posted 2008

I just came back from seeing Dr. Bynum at VCA.  Our Max is very sick.  To update he hasen't been acting quite right for a few weeks.  Nothing I could put my finger on.  Then last night he stopped eating.  We gave him fluids and some other things.  Brought him to VCA this afternoon to see the blood.  They took an x ray and blood.  His kidney values are not good which may be the reason he is not peeing or pooping.  For right now we are to continue fluids and reglan.

Update: September 2008

Max is feeling much better due to the fluids we have been giving him.  I spoke with Dr. Bynum this evening to give her a update.  I guess Max was in kidney failure when we brought him in.    She's not sure what came first.  The digestive shut down or the kidney problem.  We were lucky that the blood work they did came back within the time we were there.  So we knew right away that his kidney's weren't functioning.  Thank goodness we had started him on fluids right away.  We are force feeding him right now and he is taking it very well.



posted: 2007

Hi! My name is Max and I am a 3 month old mini lop male bunny. I was living at the San Jose shelter before the good people at the House Rabbit Society placed me into my current foster home. Right now, I am being treated for snuffles but am still available for adoptions. I’ve been told that I have a very outgoing personality and seem to love everyone that I meet. Update:  My bout with snuffles is all gone and I am all better!






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