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*Overlooked Treasure*

Sometimes a rabbit arrives in foster care, who is wonderful in so many ways. However, this bunny seems to wait forever to choose his or her new owner. We know they are waiting for that very special person who is just right for them. Please, come meet our "Overlooked Treasures" and perhaps you'll be that special "one" for one of them.

Again, if you love rabbits, but are not able to adopt or foster, sponsoring a rabbit is another compassionate and helpful way to save lives.

Sparky has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

posted: December 2008

Last night we lost are beloved Sparky. Even though we knew it was coming due, to his ill health the last several months. It's never is easy to loose a bunny and you never really feel prepared. Sparky was having some health problems in April. He became competely paralized. It was at that time when I watched him grooming a stuffed animal on are dinnning room floor. That we put him in with Sawyer and Chelsea two other special needs rabbits. It was the best thing we could have done. Sparky health got better and he was able to become a nurse to Chelsea who was 14 yrs.old.

Sparky had such a bright little spirit. His name was very fitting to his personality. We had rescued him in 2001 from the shelter. He came in with a fracture leg. He ended up having a toe amputated. Right up until the end he greeted you with a smile and embraced life fully. Last night we expressed his bladder like we did every night. He was always really good about us doing this day and night. He took his medicine like he always did and even looked at me with those adoring eyes. I put him to bed with his other friends. Walter came in to give out the nightly bananas a little later. Sparky had slipped away peaceful in his sleep.



posted: 2006

Sparky is a 5 year-old mal White Satin, which is a very unique and special breed. His coat is very shiny, and looks and feels just like satin. He is an extremely outgoing, friendly guy who likes to make friends with everyone he meets. He has a very confident way about him and probably would be good with older children, and other pets such as a dog or cat.






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