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Our promotional items are available for purchase. Please be sure to stop by again, many of these items are updated or new items may be available. Phone or email us to place orders.


The House Rabbit Handbook - Fourth Edition

by Marinell Harrimen

The 4th edition is just released and now for sale!

Every rabbit owner should have a copy of The House Rabbit Handbook by Marinell Harriman. Now in the 4th edition, this is a ground breaking introduction to rabbits as house pets. The House Rabbit Handbook coined the term "house rabbit" and continues at the forefront of rabbit care and appreciation. Packed with the collective wisdom of bunny-lovers and charming, candid photos of their pets, this fourth edition keeps pace with a more knowledgeable and demanding readership. This revision includes updated health-care and dietary information, accompanied by diagrams and photo illustrations, and chapters on understanding rabbit language, choosing a rabbit, and safety issues. A new section includes revised recommendations for rabbit space and how to creatively integrate it with human space. Fresh housing options described here include "condos" and "Xpens." Exercise and ways to encourage it is the subject of another new section, covering how the shape of an exercise area can determine whether it's used, along with equipment and stimulating "activities" for rabbits. Also here are improved techniques for litter box training, bunny proofing, lifting and handling, grooming and bonding; behavior insights from expert caregivers; dealing with elderly, special-needs, and disabled bunnies; and much more.These are $10 each plus $2 shipping. Paperback.

Meet Abby, one of the Burrow Inn bunnies! She lived for 14 years and she fully endorsed this book.


HRS Logo Item Mug

We also offer our own mug with the HRS logo on one side, and this mural of different breeds of bunnies on the other. The background color is a nice deep teal. These are $8 each, plus $3 shipping. Discounts are availbe for large quantity orders; call or e-mail for exact prices.



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