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*Special-Needs Bunnies*

Even if you can't adopt or foster a rabbit, you can help us rescue a rabbit in another way. Some of our rabbits here at the Burrow Inn are considered 'Special-Needs bunnies' and will require medical attention for the rest of their lives. These bunnies have proven time and time again that they want to be alive. Many times, these bunnies were placed on the euthanaisa list at the local shelter and rescued at the 11th hour because of that "special spark" in their personality that said..."I want to live". Although many are not available for adoption at this time, most of them do need medical sponsors to help the Burrow Inn pay for their care. They rely on people like you to help support them.

Again, if you love rabbits, but are not able to adopt or foster, sponsoring a rabbit is another compassionate and helpful way to save lives.


Our beloved Charlotte goes to the Rainbow Bridge

posted: September 17, 2007

Hi Everyone,

We lost our beloved Charlotte on Wednesday at the age of 12 1/2 years. To give you an update on Charlotte, she had suffered from symptons of E cuniculi for about the last two years. This had affected here mind very much. She was very much like a person who has dementia.
Charlotte came to us when she was five years old. she was surrendered to the shelter where I worked at age 5 years by her family. She was kept in a dark basement and was not let out very much. When the family got tired of her she was brought to the shelter. I had noticed right away that her feet were deformed from not having her nails cut. I took a real liking to her and promised her that I would rescue her if the time came that she needed rescuing. Needless to say, Charlotte came home with me on August of 2000. We decided that she was going to get the best room in the house. So we put her in the master bedroom which has alot of light. Her cage was in front of the sliding glass door which leads out to the yard. She had a view of our garden. Every year we would plant a lovely garden of flowers for her starting in early spring and on into late summer. We called it Charlotte's Garden. She would spend warm days on the grass lounging and enjoying her garden.

It was clear in the beginning that Charlotte was a very special rabbit. She wanted to do more then be a rabbit she wanted to be a teacher. We started to take her and my little dog Teddy out to do educational events. Charlotte was a natural and loved her new job. She would welcome children and people of all ages to touch and love her and learn all about rabbits and who they are. In 2005 we retired Charlotte as she was showing more symptoms of her current disease.   Did you know? Charlotte not only taught people about rabbits, she was also a celebrity too!  She was photgraphed to be on the cover of a CD in 2004 and had many more accomplishment to her name. 

Abby our 14 year old rabbit who proceeded Charlotte in death in June of 2007 became close with Charlotte several months ago. We called them our Golden Girls. They would spend their day together hanging out on the dinning room floor with Teddy. When Abby passed away in June Charlotte seemed very lonely. Life just didn't seem the same without her friend.

In early Aug. Charlotte's health started to worsen and Dr. Harvey, her vet thought that maybe some acupunture might help her. Dr. Rebecca Arntz at VCA hospital agreed to start giving Charlotte acpunture treatments weekly. These treatments were very beneficial and Charlotte showed improvement. Monday evening Charlotte started to worsen. We had noticed that she wasn't finishing her meals. In the past, she would always get excited about her wheat grass and dish of slurry with blueberries on top. She was showing no interest in her favorite things. On Wednesday, I felt the end was near. We had an appointment with Dr. Arntz that evening for another acupunture treatment. I asked Charlotte during the day if she could give me a sign that she was ready to leave. I asked her to play a song for me. One that would have meaning. Charlotte came through by playing Michael Buble's song " Home". The lyrics say "I want to go home just let me go home." I knew she was telling me it was time for her to go and I would have to help her. In 16 years of rescue she would be only the second rabbit that I've ever had to make the decision to have euthanized. Everyone else has gone on their own.

Dr. Arntz was in agreement after examing her that helping her across to the Rainbow Bridge would be the right thing to do. We didn't want her to suffer and I wanted her to leave with her dignity in tact. Dr. Arntz got everything ready when suddenly I realized that Teddy who I had with me knew that something wasn't right. He seemed very worried and concerened and he couldn't understand what they were going to do to Charlotte. When Dr. Arntz came back into the room I explained how Teddy was worried. Dr. Arntz suggested that we put a blanket on the floor for me to sit on so Teddy could watch while I held Charlotte in my arms. It was a beautiful experience and reminded me of when I use to hold the rabbits at the shelter in my arms while they were being euthanized. I couldn't ask for a better ending for Charlotte's journey and she went very peacfully.

Both Abby and Charlotte left such a legacy in the bunny world. Its an end of a era and it was a heck of a ride for our Golden Girls. As I do with all the rabbits that have paseed I will make a special memory book for her.  She already has quite a portfolio. I will miss you Charlotte and will wait for a sign that you have made it to the Rainbow Bridge. You are free of your body to run and hop with Abby and all those who have proceeded you. I will always hold a very special place in my heart for my Golden Girls.

We would like to thank Dr. Harvey, Dr. Bynum and Dr. Arntz and the staff at VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital for the excellent care they gave Charlotte during the seven years that we had her here with us.

Donna Jensen
HRS/Burrow Inn




Update on Charlotte.

posted: July 25, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give you an update on Charlotte. Last week I was very concerned about Charlotte's health so I made an appointment with her vet Dr. Caolynn Harvey at VCA Bay Area Animal Hosp. in Oakland for today tue. I had even talked to Charlotte about the possibility of having her put to sleep. A descision I did not want to have to make.

Monday she seem to be better and more alert. Tuesday morning she had finished all her greens from the night before and her dish of slurry with blueberries on top. Dr. Harvey examined her and left the rooms for a few minutes to get something from the back. Charlotte made it clear to me that she was not ready to leave this earth and she very much wanted to still be here.

Dr. Harvey talked about something's that we could do for her. One of which was to try some accupunture treatments on her. She got her first treatment today by Dr. Arntz and I could tell that she was already feeling better once I got her home. Dr. Harvey also gave her a vitamin B-12 injection and did some T Touch on her. I am to do T-Touch on Charlotte daily. She will also have her continue her Baytril and ponazunl.

I want to thank everyone for there positive thoughts and prayers for Charlotte as I'm sure it has helped. Please continue her in your thoughts and I will keep you posted.

Thank you again

Donna Jensen
HRS/Burrow Inn

* Charlotte's medical care consists of daily doses of medicine and T-Touch therapy. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.




Update: Charlotte is still enjoying her garden.

posted: December 10, 2006

Charlotte is now 12 years old and although has really slowed down in the past year is still a gentle and loving bunny who continues to enjoy her garden.



Update on Charlotte, the educational bunny.

December 9, 2005

Every Spring I plant a special garden for Charlotte. We use the patio and main area in our yard for her garden. This came about when I first rescued Charlotte five years ago from the Peninsula Humane Society. Her previous owner surrendered her due to allergies. We had also found out that the owner had house this bunny in their basement for the first five years of her life.

I bonded with her right away at the shelter and promised her that if she didn't get adopted I would take her home with me. When her time was up, we rescued her and promised her the best room in our house. She had a cage in our bedroom in front of the sliding glass door which goes out into the garden. Charlotte loves her view and spends most of her day when she wasn't in the garden, gazing out the window, looking at the wonderful view of our yard and what we now deem as her garden.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and started planting her garden. I always love showing her the beautiful flowers we buy for her and enjoy showing her where we will plant them. There is still more work to do but the main part is done.

Charlotte is now 10 years old and has slowed down in the past year or so. Last year we retired her as our educational rabbit and she is now spending her free time admiring her garden.

The following pictures of Charlotte, Teddy (the dog), and I enjoying her garden.



Charlotte's Story: Born to teach

Posted: Spring 2003

Every once in awhile, a bunny comes along and has a calling; Charlotte is one of those rabbits. Rescued when she was five years old from a family that kept her in their garage and only let her out in the yard, she let it be known that she was a very special bunny right from the start. With her gentle and calm personality, she was well-suited to be an educational bunny. Charismatic and charming, she loves people and people are drawn to her. Charlotte has gone into schools on several occassions, taught at a summer program at the Peninsula Humane Society Camp 101, and attended the Pet Pride Day in San Francisco where she was the only educational rabbit among all the dogs and cats and people who were there. She even met celebrities like Doug McConnell of Bay Area Backroads fame. Charlotte was also destined to be a superstar in her own right as she was photographed recently for an upcoming CD cover called "Magic Thumper" soon to be released by Positive Sound Massive Recording. She now occupies the best room in our house, of course. Not only is she is a house rabbit, she has a room with a view!



Picture coming soon!



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