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*Special-Needs Bunnies*

Even if you can't adopt or foster a rabbit, you can help us rescue a rabbit in another way. Some of our rabbits here at the Burrow Inn are considered 'Special-Needs bunnies' and will require medical attention for the rest of their lives. These bunnies have proven time and time again that they want to be alive. Many times, these bunnies were placed on the euthanaisa list at the local shelter and rescued at the 11th hour because of that "special spark" in their personality that said..."I want to live". Although many are not available for adoption at this time, most of them do need medical sponsors to help the Burrow Inn pay for their care. They rely on people like you to help support them.

Again, if you love rabbits, but are not able to adopt or foster, sponsoring a rabbit is another compassionate and helpful way to save lives.


Update: Our sweet Abby crosses over to the Rainbow Bridge

posted: June 11, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I am writing this with a very heavy heart. We lost our beloved 14 year old Abby this morning. I really felt in my heart last week that she was going to be leaving us soon. Her appetite was always ravenous but I had noticed that her body which was already frail was starting to deteriorate.

Yesterday it was such a beautiful spring/summer day that I decided to let her go outside for awhile. Something we hadn't done in a long time. I placed her rug on the grass and she laid outside enjoying the cool air and her dandelion greens outside. She really seemed to enjoy the warm sun on her body. I took a picture of her not knowing it was going to be the last picture I would ever take of her.

She was such a part of our life. Her place always on the dinning floor, she made so many friends when people would come over. No one could believe she was 14 years old.

I am going to miss the little things we did for her, making her dish of slurry in the morning with blue berries on top. She always looked forward to that. She would get so excited when I would bring home carrotts tops or purple kale from the farmers market.

She never gave up, she never gave in to any obstacle put before her. She was grateful for living such a full life and anything we did for her to make that possible. She will really be missed. I find solace in knowing that she can now run and hop again. She is free of her frail and weak body to frolick in the grass with her brothers and sisters.

Donna Jensen

Burrow Inn/HRS



Abby's Last day Abby in her prime

Abby's last day and when she was at her prime.


Burrow Inn's Golden Girls.

posted: February 10, 2007

Hi Everyone,
I just thouight i would share pictures and stories of our two very special Golden Girls.

Charlotte the grey lop is 12 1/2 years old and has E Cuniculi which has affected her brain. She kind of acts like a person with dementia. Many of you remember the story I wrote about Charlotte's Garden, the one we plant for her every spring. Charlotte was our long-time educational rabbit who tirelessly educated many people about the wonderful world of bunnies. She is still doing well and can be seen below hanging out with Abby.

Abby is one of our oldest rabbits. She will be 14 years old in May. Abby has lost the use of her hind legs and has a catarac in one eye. She gets three kinds of eye drops for her catarac. Abby is still a little mobile and by using her front paws, will pull herself around . Both Charlotte and Abby get a dish of slurry with blueberries everyday to keep there weight stable. They have a very good appreciation of their favorite treats wheat grass and strawberries, which they receive often.

We really feel that they are enjoying living out their golden years here at the Burrow Inn and are both very happy to still be with us with us.

Donna Jensen
Burrow Inn//HRS

Charlotte and Abby eating greens Abby and Charlotte eating greens

Charlotte eating slurry Abby eating slurry




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