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*Special-Needs Bunnies*

Even if you can't adopt or foster a rabbit, you can help us rescue a rabbit in another way. Some of our rabbits here at the Burrow Inn are considered 'Special-Needs bunnies' and will require medical attention for the rest of their lives. These bunnies have proven time and time again that they want to be alive. Many times, these bunnies were placed on the euthanaisa list at the local shelter and rescued at the 11th hour because of that "special spark" in their personality that said..."I want to live". Although many are not available for adoption at this time, most of them do need medical sponsors to help the Burrow Inn pay for their care. They rely on people like you to help support them.

Again, if you love rabbits, but are not able to adopt or foster, sponsoring a rabbit is another compassionate and helpful way to save lives.



posted: May, 2009

Sammy the blind bunny is also doing fantastic.  He saw Dr. Harvey a few weeks ago for a complete examine, tests and blood panel.  He did have a serve case of fur mites.  He had his second treatment and his fur looks much better.  He has mature cataracts in each eye and has very little sight.  He has some weekness in his back legs.  Dr. Harvey prescribed metacam daily as well as some herbs he takes daily for this.  His blood work came bad very good for an older rabbit.  We think he is about 8ish.  An E cuniculi titer was done and the test came back negative.  We were pleasantly surprised as so many of the rabbits come back positive for this.  It's a protozoan parasite and can cause many symptoms.

Sammy will be neutered in a couple of weeks.  Sammy is especially amorous and were hoping neutering will calm him down.  we would like to put him with another group of rabbits as he is very social.  His favorite thing to eat is stawberries. 



posted: May 4, 2009

Hello there!  I'm a littleblack and white lop.  I was dumped at the local shelter  in very poor condition.  They think I'm a little on the older side and pretty mellow.  I have cataracts in both eyes so I have been deemed blind.  When I was dumped, I had a case of mites and urine burn.  The volunteers say that I'm really nice and I like greens and seem to eat it like I've neverhad them before.  They also said that I have really fuzzy fur so I might have a little bit of angora in me too. 





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