Jul 10, 2011

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Gentle, gentle lovely creatures

Dwelling softly on the earth,

Fleet of foot, ever watchful,

Stillness being of much worth,

Bunny’s breath, bunny’s whiskers

Bunny’s soft paws on my arm

Bunny’s bright eyes gazing at me –

Liquid fire, yet soft and warm.

Bunnies flashing by like silver,

Bunnies sitting in the sun,

Bunnies playing with each other,

Bunnies leaping, just for fun.

Bunny’s tail-white cotton fluff,

Inky black, his velvet nose

Bunnies playing all around me,

Bunnies chewing up my clothes!

Bunnies ever in my mind

Make my spirit soar above,

Bunnies always in my heart

Gently teaching me to love.

Marie Kutz, Chambersburg, PA

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