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Izzy and Zowie

Zowie and Izzy are our two house rabbits.

This is Zowie.

This is Izzy.

Originally Zowie was paired with her companion, FooBar, and Izzy was paired with her companion, Zippy. Unfortunately both FooBar and Zippy passed away, and that left two very lonely little girls.

A picture of a very lonely and depressed Zowie.

They used to intensely dislike each other; it is only recently that they have become best friends.

This photo was taken while they were being introducedto each other at my office.

Here are a few more pictures:

Izzy and Zowie in our backyard (Zowie is in the background).

Izzy under a chair in the backyard.

Izzy standing up like a bear to get a better view of the backyard.

Another picture of Izzy in the backyard.

My husband, Carl, in a futile attempt to try and catch Izzy. She's much too fast for either of us to catch unless she really wants to. Usually she'll make Carl chase her for about 10 minutes before finally letting him win.

Hope you liked the pictures. You can find Paige blogging at

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