Georgia HRS desperately needs help with major rescue of 200 rabbits

Aug 5, 2015 by HRS

Georgia HRS desperately needs help with major rescue of 200 rabbits
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On July 29th Georgia House Rabbit Society was asked to assist Gwinnett County Animal Control in the assessment of over 170 rabbits that were at a property in Grayson, GA.  The owner and operator of Pet Parties Plus was using the animals for entertainment at children’s parties and as a petting zoo, and the bunnies were sick and living in filthy conditions.   Thursday the rabbits were confiscated and were taken to Gwinnett County Animal Control where they were triaged and can stay for one week.  GA HRS is accepting half of these bunnies and is working to find rescues and foster homes for as many as possible.  Bunnies started receiving medical treatment immediately. All are receiving antibiotics and will be spayed and neutered in the next few days.

GA HRS and their veterinarian are working with Gwinnett AC to get these rabbits spayed and neutered, medicated, and rehomed.  Resources are limited.  Space is an issue.  Where do you properly house 200 rabbits?  How do you find enough volunteers to care for them each day (especially when so many have mites, fleas, and other more serious issues)? How do you find good homes for that many?  Who pays for the supplies and medical treatments?

This is what our chapter is dealing with now, and they need your help.

  • Donations are much needed.  Funds will be needed to purchase medications and provide food and fresh greens.
  • People willing to transport will be needed.
  • Donations of towels (no holes please) hidey boxes, exercise pens, large crates, large cat litter boxes, bales of timothy hay, food and water bowls, laundry soap, white vinegar, 33 gallon drawstring trash bags, and newspapers will be needed.
  • Fosterers and adopters are desperately needed! Georgia HRS really needs, right now, a commitment from other rescue groups or individuals to take in some of these rabbits.

To make a donation, please click here and note this is for the Gwinnett County Bunnies and these funds will be designated specifically for this rescue effort.  To donate supplies, please call Georgia HRS at 678-653-7175 to arrange a drop off time.

Find out more about the rabbits here!

Thank you for supporting our efforts to save these bunnies!

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