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An international nonprofit organization that rescues rabbits from animal shelters and
educates the public on rabbit care and behavior. More on our philosophy...

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Start with House Rabbits 101 or our FAQs, including litter-training, diet, housing, toys, and finding a good vet.

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Your donations support our national educational efforts such as the House Rabbit Journal, classes and handouts, as well as local rescue work through grants to our local chapters. Please give generously. Thank you!

House Rabbit Society has started a Rescue Emergency Fund in order to help other rabbit rescue organizations. All donations coming in that specify "Rescue Emergency Fund" will go exclusively towards this fund. We will use those funds to make small, targeted grants to animal rescue organizations who are involved in a large rescue. Funds can be used to purchase cages, litterboxes, food, hay or toys, or can be used to fund spay/neuters and other veterinary care. We will keep our members informed
via this webpage of how many dollars have been raised, and what rescue situations have been funded. To make a DONATION to this fund, be sure to include "Rescue Emergency Fund" in the description field of the online donation form (donations via snail mail are also gratefully accepted). Read more and find out which groups have benefited from these funds.

Shelters and Rescue Groups: To apply for a grant, please Click Here.

Rabbits in the News

  • Article about a rabbit in Australia who saves his family from a fire here
  • Article in the Washington Post on rabbit meat here
  • Information on companion animals and the tomato-salmonella scare can be found here

    News and Events about HRS

  • HRS is now on Click here to post a review!
  • HRS is celebrating our Twentieth Anniversary in 2008!
  • Brand new! Rabbit EARS has unveiled a brand new line of organic, fair trade coffees with $1 of each bag benefiting rabbit rescue!
  • Check out the donors and sponsors for the HRS 20th Anniversary Party
  • Check out the video made by Rabbit Bites to commemorate our 20th Anniversary
  • Check out some photos taken of our 20th anniversary party by Amy Spintman of San Diego HRS
  • Best Friends wishes House Rabbit Society a Happy 20th Birthday!
  • Lowcountry HRS will be hosting their Day of Caring, a fun event to build bunny condos to benefit needy rabbits, on September 11
  • Bramley's Little Sister is a new children's book about a relationship with a real rabbit and his human baby sister. Dawn's Animal Connection will donate $1.00 for each book sold online to the Rabbit Rescue of your choice. Visit the book website, select House Rabbit Society from the drop-down menu then click "Add to Cart" to purchase your book(s).
  • Nooters Club is offering a percentage of profits raised by using this link to order great rabbit-themed items promoting spay & neuter!
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  • Visit us on Bunspace!

    Featured Articles
  • NEW! Caring for Rabbits in Animal Shelters
  • NEW! Rescue and Shelter Resources Index For rescuers and shelters
  • NEW! International Help
  • NEW! 2007 Survey for Animal Shelters
  • NEW! 2006 Survey for Animal Shelters
  • Working with Pet Stores to Promote Rabbit Adoptions
  • Pet Loss Support and Grief FAQ
  • Finding a Home for your Rabbit
  • Show me a bunny! Displays a random pet bunny picture submitted from our readers
  • Places with Good Bunny Karma! Companies and People that celebrate rabbits & HRS
  • Mail Order Resources Where to buy stuff for your rabbit
  • How to Purchase the House Rabbit Handbook
  • HRS Activist Corner
  • Resources for combating animal abuse
  • What's New at archive
  • Yahoo email newsletter archive

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    You have two choices: Goodsearch and Google! Go to either and enter House Rabbit Society as your designated charity. Or instead, use Google search to do your searching. Each time you search, you'll be helping the bunnies.

    Wild Bunnies May Not Need Your Help!
    Wild rabbits only nurse for a few minutes at night, and moms vanish the rest of the day. If you've disturbed a nest, put the babies back and restore the fur/grass covering; the mother will move them over the next 48 hours. More info...

    Read a Good Book Lately?
    Hop on over to the rabbit reading room for reviews and recommendations.

    In addition, access through any of our links and 5% of the purchase price of anything you buy goes to HRS.

    About HRS
    Founded in 1988, we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits and educating the public about rabbit care. We are headquartered in Richmond, California and have over 120 licensed educators and fosterers and 30 local chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. To date we have rescued and found adoptive homes for 20,000 rabbits. More Info

    Looking for Breeding Information?
    We believe domestic rabbits should live primarily indoors and be neutered or spayed. Overpopulation is big problem, and even breeding your rabbit a single time can have consequences. If you find yourself with an unexpected litter of rabbits, we do have some general information about newborn babies that may be of use.

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