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Abscess Resources

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Recently, our vet was not able to find the penicillin G Procain/penicillin G benzathine that our bunny so desperately needed. I was extremely fortunate to find a company that carried the product and graciously offered to send the antibiotic. If you think it appropriate, I would like for you to post the name of the firm on your web site so thatother bunny owners will not feel helpless when they cannot find the antibiotic their bunnies need. The firm is:

California Veterinary Supply Company

and the link to the product is here Penicillin G.

In addition, in my frantic search on the internet for information on pastuerella treatment, I came across a very informative article that addresses a specific treatment regime that may be useful to other bunnyowners. The article is:

"Successful Eradication of Severe Abscesses in Rabbits with Long-Term Administration of Penicillin G Benzathine/Penicillin G Procaine" by Marcy Rosenfield.

The article is located here.

This information has been very helpful to me and I would like to share it with other bunny owners.

Thank you!
- Linda Schone

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