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The New Easier Rabbit Health Database

The purpose of this database is to improve the quality of care for all rabbits by sharing accumulated information. When you contribute your own bunnies' health data to our database, you may help save other rabbits' lives.

Our database runtime app has been recently revised to make it more user friendly. It is packed with "easy" buttons and navigation links to help you browse and enter data. If you have found the process too daunting in the past, please try again. We want everybody who has a bunny with health records to participate.

Here are the steps

1. The runtime app, with a copy of the working database, is downloadable from this web page.
2. Anybody can enter records into their desktop copy of the database.
3. Your new records can be emailed back to us by clicking a button.
4. New records are then added to the master file, which will be reviewed by veterinarians and updated on the web.

If you would like to participate in this project, this is how to get started:

  • Download our HealthDB_PC or HealthDB_Mac to your desktop. This will take a couple of minutes to download, and will occupy about 45MB on your hard drive (after all the files are unzipped).

  • Unzip the bound files and save them in a folder on your computer. Open the Health Database folder then double click Health Database.exe (PC) or Health (Mac).

  • Browse through the records and layouts to familiarize yourself with the structure. Help buttons are available on every page, as well as the menu bar.

  • When you are ready to enter data, ask your veterinarian for copies of your rabbit's exam records and all diagnostic test results, such as blood panels, cultures, and radiographs. Necropsies are especially valuable for completing a total health history.

  • Arrange the paper files in chronological order as best you can. Veterinary exam records might be long and continuous, whereas diagnostic tests are random sheets.

  • Follow data-entry instructions in Help.

    We have accumulated a large collection of paper files that caregivers have mailed to us over the years, but we have not had enough volunteers to enter the data. If you would like to help with the transfer of paper records to electronic records for other people's rabbits, in addition to your own, please contact us at We and the bunnies appreciate your help.