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Interactive Sources of Medical Advice and Information

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  • Are you looking for medical advice for your house rabbit, and don't see what you're looking for at our web site? Please note...

    • If your rabbit is showing any of these signs, please find a veterinarian who is familiar with rabbit medicine near you, and get bunny to the vet immediately.

    • For non-life threatening medical issues, it's still best to take your rabbit to see a qualified vet who is experienced and up-to-date on basic rabbit medicine. Our list of veterinarians will help you find one in your area. Remember: Information you find on the internet is no substitute for a proper diagnosis made in person by a good veterinarian.

    • If you are not confident about a diagnosis/treatment prescribed by a veterinarian who has examined your rabbit, you should not be shy about seeking a second opinion from a rabbit-experienced vet in your area.

    Free Listserves about Rabbit Health and Care

    In order to be a well-informed advocate for your companion rabbit, seek anecdotal advice from other knowledgable rabbit people, and--if your veterinarian is amenable to such information--pass it along to your rabbit's vet. Some of the best places to find knowledgeable lay people, including many from the House Rabbit Society, is on the EtherBun and Housebun electronic listserves.


    This is a monitored, but unmoderated list whose purpose is for discussions of domestic rabbit health, care and behavior. New subscribers are moderated only long enough for the list monitors to ascertain that they're not spammers. Once you post on topic, your moderated status will be removed and you will find that your rabbit questions will be answered quickly because (1) the list is not moderated and (2) there are more than 5000 subscribers from around the world. Someone is usually online to answer even emergency posts. You'll find lots of knowledgeable House Rabbit Society educators participating in EtherBun discussions.

    For more information on list guidelines and how to subscribe, visit


    HouseBun is a moderated list for discussions of health, care and behavior of house rabbits. Because this list is moderated, you will not receive off topic or "chatty" posts. You'll find lots of knowledgeable House Rabbit Society educators participating in the discussions.

    For more information, and subscription instructions, visit

    We hope one of the above resources can help your rabbit get the medical attention from a qualified veterinarian that he or she needs.

    House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
    We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!