Help Sponsor Nala’s Medical Care for Georgia HRS

Nov 6, 2013

Help Sponsor Nala’s Medical Care for Georgia HRS
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Nala  was once a child’s pet and was eventually discarded when the family could no longer, or no longer wanted to, care for her. After her family moved from their home, she was let loose outside, left behind to fend for herself as the family drove away. She was rescued by Georgia HRS volunteers who found her weak and listless from injury and infection. Once Nala was in the care of Georgia HRS, it was quickly discovered that she needed urgent medical attention. She seemed to limp and favor one side, one eye looked terribly damaged, one ear was down, so crusted over that it attached itself to the fur on her around her head and neck. And then there were the bumps and lumps which turned out to be abscesses caused by botflies which had infested her body.  To read Nala’s full story, visit Georgia HRS’s website here, and to see some very graphic photos of what the botflies did to poor Nala, visit this page.
The good news is that Nala is recovering from her injuries and is now waiting for her forever home. How can you help if you don’t live in Georgia? Why not contribute to her medical fund, to help pay off her extensive surgical bills?

Donate to Nala’s Fund here!

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