House Rabbit Society Research Grant Application

profile of rabbit under chair

A complete application packet includes the following:

  1. Cover Page (one-page limit) with title, and all contact information for applicant
  2. Abstract (one-paragraph limit)
  3. Proposal (five-page limit including figures, tables and graphics)
    1. Hypothesis and Objectives
    2. Justification, Significance, and Literature Review
    3. Methods and Design
    4. Intent to Publish
    5. Timeline
    6. Potential Impact for Rabbits
  • Budget (one-page limit) All funds must be U.S. dollars.
  • References (three-page limit)
  • Current and Pending Support (one-page limit)
  • Prior HRS Support (one-page limit)
  • Biographical Data (two-page limit per individual)
  • Two Letters of Support
  • Appendix

Appendix: Please answer the following questions to include with your application:

  1. Describe, in detail, all animal involvement proposed in this study, how they will be accessed, and whether they are client-owned or other.
  2. State the status of your IACUC approval (if appropriate).
  3. Does this study involve client-owned animals, retrospectively or prospectively (yes/no)?  If yes, an informed client consent form must be attached to this proposal.
  4. Describe how many animals will be included in this study.  
  5. Describe how all procedures with animals will be conducted with appropriate consideration of animal welfare, including the use of anesthesia or analgesia, humane handling techniques and best veterinary practices. This includes procedures with client-owned animals.
  6. Describe the environment and housing conditions (quality of life) in which animals will live throughout the duration of the study (species-appropriate exercise, enrichment, socialization, veterinary care, etc.). This includes client-owned animals.
  7. Describe what will happen to all animals upon completion of the proposed study. If adoption, explain the adoption plan. If other, justify the proposed plan for all animals involved.
  8. Does this study induce or have the potential to induce disease, injury, pain or distress in animals (yes/no)?
  9. Is euthanasia a possible outcome in this proposed study (yes/no)?

 (If the answer to questions 8 and 9 is yes, the study will not be funded.)

Note: For multi-year studies, HRS funding is one-time only. Applicants can, however, re-apply for further funding, although this is not guaranteed, even if the applicant has already received funding for one year.

Send your completed applications, and have your referees send their cover letters to: