Houston Bunny Buddies Kicks Off Capital Campaign to Open Shelter

Nov 3, 2014

Houston Bunny Buddies Kicks Off Capital Campaign to Open Shelter
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We are excited to share the news that Houston Bunny Buddies, our sister group down south, is kicking off a Capital Campaign as the first step toward opening a house rabbit shelter in Houston!

From Les Wood, HRS Educator and President of Bunny Buddies:

As most of you know, the need here is enormous.  We currently have to turn away about three bunnies for every one we are able to accept.  We work with over thirty shelters and rescue groups in the Greater Houston Area, and only a couple of those will take rabbits; the rest of them call us for help.  Even the shelters which do take in rabbits—and work diligently to give them proper care—at their best provide an environment which is frightening and stressful for rabbits.  And there are usually only one or two rabbit-savvy employees, and very few volunteers who understand rabbits’ needs and behavior.


The number of foster spaces we have available has been static for a number of years.  While a loving foster family is definitely the ideal situation, and fostering will continue to be a vital part of our program, the spaces are simply too few.  And in a metropolitan area the size of ours, getting foster buns across town for adoption events is challenging, to say the least.  Without adequate exposure, these bunnies take much longer to be placed in forever homes.


Without a doubt, the prospect of running a shelter is daunting.  But in conversations with people across the country who are already operating shelters, one theme keeps coming through: “it can be done!”  At this point in time, there are far more questions than answers: How do we make it happen?  Where will the shelter be?  Who will do all that work?  Where will we get that kind of money?  One thing is certain, though; the first step in getting there is committing to the journey.


We’re not sure how long that journey will take.  Timelines are somewhat arbitrary, but they provide us with valuable and tangible guideposts.  So we’ve set as our goal having our shelter operational by the end of our twentieth anniversary year—2017.  A lot can be accomplished in three years!  And what a great way to recognize and celebrate two decades of Bunny Buddies’ life-saving work!


We begin this campaign by transferring $5,000 from our operating account into a restricted Capital Fund.  And by challenging our members and friends to match that amount by year’s end.  We can do it!  After all, together, we are saving the world. . . one bunny at a time!


To help support Bunny Buddies’ dream of opening a shelter in Houston, donate here!