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Nov 6, 2012

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An HRS Ally is a group that professes to have similar purposes and philosophy; signs an annual pledge with HRS, may or may not be incorporated; operates fostering and education programs that may or may not follow HRS guidelines; may or may not have licensed educators, and will be listed on the HRS website as an ally.

HRS does not investigate allies’ facilities or practices, and allies can use HRS materials but not the HRS name or logo. Allies’ rabbits are not the responsibility of HRS.

To apply to be an ally, please fill out this application.


Burrow Inn of South San Francisco

Rabbit Rescue, Inc. of Downey

Rabbit Ears of Kensington

Bunny Groomer of Calabasas

VCAS Bunny Brigade of Camarillo

Western US

Portland Rabbit Advocates

Southwest US

Best Friends Animal Society of Utah

The Bunny Burrow of Fort Worth, Texas

Bunny Buddies of Houston, Texas

New England

Hop-A-Long Hollow of Connecticut

Mid Atlantic & Eastern US

Friends of Rabbits

Rabbit Wranglers of Pittsburgh

Hug-A-Bunny Rabbit Rescue of Northern New Jersey

Bunnies & Beyond of NYC

New Jersey HRS

Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center of Maryland

Midwest US

EARPS Exotic Animal Rescue of Indiana

Heartland Rabbit Rescue of Blanchard, OK

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society

Southern US

All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary of North Carolina

Cape Fear House Rabbit Society of North Carolina

Orlando Rabbit Rescue of Orlando, FL

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue of Baton Rouge, LA

4 Lil Pigs N Buns of St. Petersburg, FL

Clover Patch Sanctuary of Franklin, TN

Bunny Rescue of Nashville, TN

Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network

Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue

Alabama Rabbit Rescue

Low Country HRS of Charleston, SC

Tennessee Hollow of Nashville


Bunny Lovers of Chile

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy*

 Reino Conejo of Mexico (Facebook)*

La Colline aux Lapins of Switzerland*

AAE Conigli of Italy*

Bunnies of Greece*

Singapore House Rabbit Society*

Rabbit Runaway Orphanage of Australia*


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