HRS Chapter Manager Application

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an HRS chapter manager.

Applications will only be considered from HRS educators who have been licensed for at least one year. If you are not a licensed HRS educator, the first step is to apply.

If you have already been a licensed educator for at least one year, have taken and passed the educators qualification exam, have at least one additional educator working with you, and already manage your own rabbit rescue organization, you may be ready to become an HRS chapter.                                                                                                                                            


To become an HRS chapter manager, you must have already fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. The applicant must be in agreement with House Rabbit Society’s philosophy and policies. (See HRS Philosophy )
  2. The applicant must have been licensed as an HRS educator for at least one year, and has taken and passed the educator’s qualifying exam
  3. There must be at least one additional licensed educator in the organization who has also taken and passed the educator’s qualifying exam
  4. A chapter manager application has been completed by the applicant and submitted to House Rabbit Society’s Licensing Committee
  5. The applicant has already been carrying out purposes stated in HRS bylaws Article 2, Section 1: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h (in the Operations Manual)
  6. The applicant must already have a 501c3 rabbit rescue organization in good standing with the IRS. (Note: if you have not yet done this, be sure, when incorporating your new organization, to incorporate with a name that does NOT include House Rabbit Society in it.)
  7. The applicant must have fostered & adopted out at least 10 rabbits, and must still be an active fosterer
  8. The foster home(s) has been operating in accordance with HRS guidelines (defined in the Fosterer’s Manual), and can certify that all sanctuary rabbits get at least 4 hours per day or 30 hours per week of exercise time, and all foster rabbits get at least 1/2 hour per day but should aim for 2 hours per day of exercise time (unless cage/pen time is large enough to provide for exercise)
  9. The organization has generated local support and has some method of communicating with its local members
  10. The organization has filed state and federal taxes (if applicable)
  11. The applicant has a cordial relationship other HRS chapters and has not in any way undermined a licensed chapter manager
  12. The applicant has been working with local animal shelters
  13. The candidate must have developed at least one solid relationship with a rabbit-savvy vet who is willing to serve as a reference

The applicant’s group must exist outside of boundaries / geographical area already established by all other HRS chapters


The HRS Board of Directors define philosophy, set policies, and appoint a staff to conduct HRS business. Chapter managers automatically become staff members who conduct HRS business at the local level in accordance with HRS philosophy and policies.

Duties usually include:

  • Coordinating state or regional fostering and educational programs.
  • Providing a network for local members
  • Educating local members through mailings or local newsletters.
  • Solving urgent problems with a phone hotline
  • Building and maintaining a website to promote foster rabbits for adoption and educating about domestic rabbit care and behavior
  • Organizing educational seminars
  • Expanding membership
  • Making financial and fundraising decisions for the area.
  • Allocating donations to support local programs
  • Helping local animal shelters with rescue and education programs.
  • Participating in HRS activities such as participation on email lists and training programs
  • Helping National HRS with duties assigned by the HRS Board
  • Filling out a year-end report every year detailing your educational activities and fostering efforts
  • Reviewing and agreeing to uphold the Chapter Managers’ Pledge. You agree to uphold the pledge for as long as you are a chapter manager (download)


  • Having an HRS Mentor assigned to your chapter
  • Continued access to a knowledgeable and welcoming online community. In addition to HRSEd, chapter managers have access to a listserve specifically for chapter mangers.
  • House Rabbit Society’s reputation. As a chapter of House Rabbit Society, you are empowered to speak on behalf of our organization. Our name is well known and respected in the animal rescue world and online.
  • Access to our wide variety of education materials
  • Chapter grant program
  • Liability insurance
  • Free HRS membership for your donors who give $20+
  • Use of the HRS logo and name
  • National publicity

Materials Provided by House Rabbit Society to Chapter Managers

  1. The Operations Manual-this is the single most important document you will need. Download if for reference as soon as possible.
  2. Fostering & Sanctuary Registries (to be replaced by the health database)
  3. The Educator Manual, Fostering Manual, Sanctuary Manual and Satellite Fostering Manual (provide these to your volunteers for reference and training)
  4. House Rabbit Society logos for letterhead, business cards, fliers etc.
  5. Licensing materials for licensing your own volunteers


License Renewal

If an application is accepted the Chapter Manager will review and agree to uphold the Chapter Pledge before a license is issued. After the Pledge is returned, the Chapter Manager will receive a license that will expire in one year. Provided the Chapter Manager upholds the Chapter Pledge, the license will be renewed every year upon receipt of:

  1. a new agreement to uphold the Chapter Pledge
  2. a  report detailing the educational and fostering activities of the chapter

The House Rabbit Society Board reserves the sole right to determine the status of any organization applying to be a chapter or an ally. No such status should be considered to be automatically conferred. The Board will inform any applicants of its decision.

Please take your time to thoroughly answer the questions on the following page. This information you provide in this application is essential for the HRS Licensing Committee to understand your group.

Chapter Manager Application

  • About You

  • About Your Organization

  • Information About Your Group's Fostering Program