HRS Facebook Group

House Rabbit Society maintains a Facebook group which is open to anyone who has house rabbits or is interested in house rabbits. It is meant to provide a fun, welcome, and educational forum for house rabbit lovers, and since it is maintained by HRS, which is a rabbit rescue and advocacy group, it promotes the keeping of house rabbits, promotes spay/neuter, and all other proper care of rabbits. Please visit our FAQ for more information about how to care for rabbits, and our philosophy page to find out about House Rabbit Society. Finally, we are a volunteer-based organization, and depend on member donations to keep us alive; please consider joining or donating!

To join the Facebook group, go to the group here and click on “join” in the upper right hand corner. Then please take a second to fill out a couple of questions about your interest in rabbits. We have a small group of volunteer moderators who will get back to you shortly about your entry into the group. Thanks for your interest in our group and in rabbits!