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August Survey Results

Here are some of the results of our most recent survey. We appreciate all the feedback from our website visitors.

How old is your oldest rabbit?
12 mos & under  
122 27%
13 - 24mos  
118 26%
50 11%
45 10%
58 13%
29 7%
24 5%
10 and older  
7 1%

Of those responding a year or under, 50% were younger than 6 months!

How many rabbits do you have?
221 49%
130 29%
48 11%
4 or more  
51 11%

Are you a member of House Rabbit Society?
152 34%
297 66%

My rabbit(s) primarily live...
inside the house in a cage  
193 43%
inside the house running loose  
204 45%
outside in a cage  
38 8%
outside running loose  
14 3%

How did you obtain your rabbit?
House Rabbit Society  
30 7%
Animal Shelter/Rescue Group  
137 33%
Pet Store  
165 39%
89 21%

On average how frequently do you visit the site?
36 8%
178 41%
179 41%
Once or twice a year  
45 10%

What feature(s) would you like to see added to our site?
On:2000-08-29 13:13:00 By:
Health, feeding. More informations about breed and different color and size of rabbit.
On:2000-08-29 09:49:00 By:
Pretty comprehensive to me
On:2000-08-29 06:59:00 By:
sell rabbit suplies.
On:2000-08-29 00:42:00 By:
if you have any international links, they would be nice. I live in New Zealand! Or similar projects (eg:in NZ!:)
On:2000-08-28 18:38:00 By:
Your husbandry/medical information has been FABULOUS!!! Thank you SO much! Tips or stories on caring for geriatric/"special needs" bunnies would be very helpful. A users' support/chat room would be wonderful. My bun has arthritis and an almost life-long history of uti's; the vet also found some macular thickening in one eye at our last check-up. I suspect there are lots of other families of older rabbits, and that we would benefit from connecting with each other.
On:2000-08-28 17:04:00 By:
more health info
On:2000-08-28 13:21:00 By:
On:2000-08-28 13:00:00
It would be very educational to show picture ideas on different styles of rabbit hutches and runs with dimensions (this would provide people with an idea on how much room a rabbit needs for living and play quarters - for indoor and outdoor use. Another feature would be to have comparison charts on pellet and hay analysis - what is good/bad for rabbit.
On:2000-08-28 12:51:00
The site is great! One thing that I think would be great to add would be a message board.
On:2000-08-28 12:19:00 By:
additional nutritional info

The replys to this question were to numerous to post them all. We also had many requests for more stories (we've created a special stories section in response) better access to fruit and veggie lists (links have been been added to the faq) more "white space" on the homepage. We also had requests for a site map, and to keep up our "what's new at" email updates coming.

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!