Awards and Praise for Our Site

Britannica logo Brittanica Internet Guide Award
January 1, 2000

PetJam logo PetJam Editor's Choice Award
November 1, 1999

Ask Jeeves Silver Platter logo Ask Jeves Silver Platter Site
July 15, 1999

Go Network logo Go Network Award
June, 1999

Internet Minute logo Internet Minute Award
April 11, 1999

BBC logo BBC Web Guide Children's Pick of the Week
June 23, 1998

Suite101 logo Suite101 top 5 website
June, 1998

4 Kids logo 4 Kids Hot Spot
September 8, 1997

Yahoo logo Yahoo Internet Life "Cool Tool For Searching"
April, 1997

Mining Company logo Mining Company's Best of the Net
June, 1997

Project Cool logo Project Cool Sighting
March, 1997

Point logo Point Top 5%
December, 1994

NetVet logo NetVet's Pick of the Litter
March, 1996

Bonus logo Bonus Editor's Choice
February, 1997

Magellan logo Magellan 4 Star Site

Internet Underground logo Internet Underground "Top 10 Site"
April, 1996

WebSightings logo WebSightings Top Animal Sites
November-December, 1996

NetGuide logo NetGuide Gold Site

Amy's Rabbit Rant logo Amy's Rabbit Rant Cool Link
January, 1997

Agview logo Agview Cool Site
January, 1997

WebTrips logo Webtrips Site of the Week
September 2, 1997

Quality Crossword logo Quality Crossword Content

MaMaMedia logo MaMaMedia Kid's Pick
January, 1998

Dog Gone Good logo Dog Gone Good Award
August, 1997


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