House Rabbit Society General Policies

  1. House Rabbit Society does not support or align itself with any group or individual promoting rabbits as food animals.
  2. House Rabbit Society does not support commercial or exploitative interests. Nor do we endorse products. Donations from manufacturers may be gratefully accepted, but no obligation is implied. Objective recommendations of products are occasionally made for health reasons but never in exchange for payment or publicity.
  3. All House Rabbit Society publicity is to serve in the best interest of the animals and reinforce the image of rabbits as house pets. Promotion should focus more on the merits of the rabbits than on human personalities.
  4. House Rabbit Society is dedicated to prolonging quality life for rabbits. Euthanasia is recommended ONLY when irreversible animal suffering is involved and NEVER for owner convenience.
  5. Although House Rabbit Society is involved in rabbit nursing care and health research, all House Rabbit Society health research is done by compilation of existing data and necropsy results. House Rabbit Society "experiments" only prescriptively to save sick animals and bring about recovery. No animal is ever "sacrificed" for any reason.
  6. Under the terms of our incorporation as a nonprofit organization, House Rabbit Society may not be involved in political activity. House Rabbit Society Members may attempt to influence legislation as individuals but should not do so in the name of the House Rabbit Society.
  7. House Rabbit Society respects the privacy of its members. Our mailing list is not shared by other organizations or commercial interests.


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