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Survey Results

From May 25th Through June 13th, the House Rabbit Society website conducted an online survey to gather visitors feedback on our web site. We'd like to thank the 127 people who participated and share some of the results.

We were very happy to find that the overwelming majority of people, 88% had a "very good" or "excellent" opinion of our site. 88% of respondents found it "easy" or "very easy" to navigate and find information at the site. Our site redesign in April also appears to be well liked; 99% of survey respondents thought the time to download out site was at least as fast as other sites they'd visited, and were pleased with the visual look of the site.

We also asked a few questions to find out about peoples rabbits. Most people (64%) had one rabbit; 22% had two; 19% had three or more rabbits; 4% didn't currently have a rabbit companion. Spaying and neutering is becoming much more common - 44% of respondents indicated that one or more of their rabbits were spayed or neutered. Most survey respondents (60%) indicated that their rabbits lived indoors, while 13% kept their rabbits outdoors and 24% said the rabbits were "a little of each".

Finally, we asked several open-ended questions about what people liked about the site, what they disliked, and what they'd like to see added. The feedback was pretty consistent. Most people liked the fact that there was so much information at the site, and it covered a wide range of topics. The other thing people really liked was all the pictures of rabbits. Most people indicated that there wasn't anything they didn't like about the site. A few people mentioned that the homepage was quite long and busy, and as you may notice, we've vastly simplified the homepage as a result.

The most common thing people wanted added was more frequent updates, more pictures, and information about accidental rabbit pregnancy. We are addressing the first issue by attempting to provide updates approximately every week. On the suggestion of more pictures, keep your eyes peeled to the website in the next few weeks. We'll be announcing a new "bunny photo of the week" program where you can email us gifs of your favorite rabbit photos. The third suggestion, of adding a FAQ or other info on rabbit pregnancy is one we are considering. It's a difficult area to address, as we don't want to encourage or appear to be encouraging breeding. We are investigating several possible ways to address this need.

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