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Auction Thanks

The Tenth Leap owes its success to the generosity of the following individuals and companies who have donated items to our silent auction:

A Weaver's Inn
Acorn Veterinary Clinic
Annie's Homegrown
Apronstrings Petsitting
Arthur Court

Barbara & John Kenney
Bay Area Pet Hospital
Bird and Pet Clinic
Blossom Products Company
Bunny Bytes
Bunnylu Productions
Burrow Inn
Busy Bunny

C & D Pet Products
Carolyn Long
Civic Feline Clinic
Chicago House Rabbit Society
Crow Canyon Veterinary Clinic

Dave Iverson
Debra Scheenstra
Diane Basset
Diane Wat Designs
Dublin Veterinary Hospital
Ducks in a Row

Eric Nelson
Evonne's Art Creations

Fern Evans
Funny Bunny Toy Company

Gayle Kiviat & Joe Hovell

Home Alone Petsitting

Irving Street Veterinary Hospital

Jennifer Mannshardt
Jodi Jensen

Kathy Monteiro Designs

Lakeside Veterinary Clinic
Leith Petwerks
Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic
Liz Mierzelewski

Margo DeMello
Merola Opera Program
Montclair Pet Shop
Mt. Hermon Veterinary Clinic

Oakland SPCA
Oxbow Hay

Reno Hilton

San Francisco Opera Center
Sandi Monaco
Sandy Loey
Southampton Pet Hospital

Telegraph Avenue Veterinary Hospital
The Country Vet
The White Whale
Tilford's Tinsel
Tillie Gort's
Tina Larsen

Walter R. Hoge, DVM

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!