RSVP for The Tenth Leap

Please RSVP by August 14, 1998 to:
House Rabbit Society, 1524 Benton Street, Alameda, CA 94501

[  ] Yes I/we willattend HRS's anniversary celebration The Tenth Leap,
in the Waterfront Plaza Hotel, Jack London Square, on August 29, 1998.

Individual tickets: __ persons(s) will attend at $100 per person.

Benefactor tickets: __ persons(s) will attend at $250 per person.
    Benefactor tickets include special recognition in the Program and choice of:
    [  ] Veterinary-discussion table or [  ] Behavior discussion table.

Name __________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________

Method of Payment
[  ] I am unable to attend but would like to support the rabbit center with a donation of $_________

[  ] Check enclosed (Payable to HRS)

[  ] Carge my [  ]Visa  [  ]MC  [  ]AE
    Exp Date __________
    Card# _________________________________


Proceeds from The Tenth Leap will build
bunnies a better future with a building of their
own. House Rabbit Society is planning to open
an all-rabbit facility to serve as home base for
HRS's adoption and education programs.

Homeless bunnies need time and space--
a place where people can meet them,
learn about them, and make the
right adoption decision.
They also need a place where
no landlord can evict them and
where they can stay until a foster home or a
loving permanent home becomes available.

House Rabbit Society
a national nonprofit organization.
Donations are tax deductable as provided by law.

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!