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What's New at

Bladder Problems in Rabbits
by Josie Thompson, DVM, Civic Feline Clinic, Walnut Creek

by Josie Thompson, DVM

No Bad Rabbits
by Margo DeMello

Rabbits are Wonderful Because they Die
by Deborah C.Z. Hirsch

Treasuring Your Older Bun
by Josie Thompson, DVM

When it Hurts to Hop
by Denise P. Kalm

Why Do Rabbits Fight?
by Margo DeMello and Susan Davis

Wool Block in Rabbits
by Josie Thompson, DVM Holiday Tips to Keep Bunny Safe
ItÍs holiday season again - a time of year that can be both fun and stressful for you and your rabbit. In the midst of all your holiday preparations, here a few tips to keep your bunny safe and happy .
-- December 6, 2000

National Rabbit Center Opens
Find out about hours, location, volunteer needs for our new Rabbit Adoption and Education Center in Richmond, CA.
-- November 12, 2000

Caring for Mamma and Newborns
Find out about Caring for Mamma and Newborns in this new article reprinted from Kind Planet.
-- October 29, 2000 Merchandise
Show your support of HRS with a homepage t-shirt or mousepad! We make $5 profit on each item. The bunnies thank you.
-- October 5, 2000

Say "Hi" With a Bunny Postcard
Send a free rabbit postcard!
-- September 17, 2000

A Different Way To Donate
Please help our New Jersey Chapter by saving the UPC labels from your empty bags (any size) of Yesterday's News. More info...
-- September 6, 2000

East Coast Event
Attend our conference in New Jersey October 21st.
-- September 6, 2000

Chat Room Up and Running
Try out our new Chat Room. Once our new adoption and education center is open, we're hoping to hold regularly scheduled chat events staffed by educators. For now, you're on your own, so please play nice in the chat room!
-- September 5, 2000

Survey Results
Check out the results of our survey that was conducted throughout the month of August. We heard from almost 500 people on subjects ranging from the age of their rabbit, to features they'd like to see added to our site.
-- August 29, 2000

Southern California Event
Attend Bunnyfest 2000 in San Diego Sunday, September 17.
-- August 27, 2000

Adoption and Education Center Update
Many thanks to our online supporters who donated the funds to construct a mandated dumpster enclosure. We've found a contractor, obtained a permit and construction will begin in the next few weeks. We've held three volunteer construction events to build the adoptable runny habitats, and our quarantine kennels have also arrived. We hope to announce an opening date soon. More info...

Your donations are still needed for vet care, spays and neuters, and other ongoing expenses associated with our rescue efforts. Can you make a secure online donation to help? no amount is too small.
-- August 20, 2000

You Asked for It: New Resource Indexes
Based on feedback from our survey, we found many people wanted articles grouped together in new ways. Based upon this feedback, we've created three new indexes:  

  • New Bunny Resources  
  • Heartwarming True Rabbit Stories  
  • 10 Most Popular Articles
    -- August 16, 2000

    Your Opinion Counts!
    Take Our Quick Survey. (Ended 8/31/00)
    -- August 12, 2000

    HRJ Vol 4 issue 3 now online
    Opinion: Finders Keepers
    True Story: Gizmo's Tale
    Behavior: Bringing Bunny Home
    Health: Fly Strike Take II
    Health: Thwarting the House Fly
    -- July 14, 2000

    Check out our new Random Net Bunny Picture generator
    -- June 28, 2000

    Tip of the Month
    Annual Checkup
    -- June 12, 2000

    Medical Alert
    Problems Reported With Topical Flea Products
    -- May 23, 2000

    HRJ Vol 3 issue 12 now online
    Journal Article: Harry Goes to the Chiropractor
    Journal Article: Littertraining for the disabled
    Journal Article: A Brief History of HRS
    -- May 15, 2000

    VHD Update
    HRS Policies and General Guidelines Regarding VHD
    VHD Confirmed in Iowa: What is VHD?

    -- April 25, 2000

    Online Donations Now Accepted
    We now accept donations via or our PayPal account, -- April 14, 2000

    Vol 4, Issue 4 of House Rabbit Journal Published
    A new issue of The House Rabbit Journal was sent out to all HRS members last week. You should expect to find it in your mail box by the first week in April. It features articles on difficult introductions, an update on our shelter fund and several other care and behavior articles. If you'd like to get the journal each quarter, our membership forms are online. -- March 24, 2000

    Make a Donation Online!
    You can now make online credit card donations directly to HRS through, a nonprofit initiative endowed by the AOL foundation. To make an online donation, just click here!

    Coping with Rabbit Allergies
    Two new House Rabbit Journal articles on allergies. Living with Rabbit Allergies and A Fosterer's Allergy Experience.

    Reader Photos
    Photos: new cute bunny pix from our readers.

    Useful Tip: Sock Toy
    Take an all-cotton thick athletic sock and split the top in half with two vertical cuts through the ribbing. Put about 3 Tbs. of hay in the toe, followed by 1 Tbs. of oat groats, followed by 1/3 cup pellets, followed by 1/2 to 3/4 cup hay (depending on sock size). Then squeeze the fat part through the top of the cage and tie the sock top around the wire in a double knot so just the fat part is hanging in Bunny's cage. For more info on fun rabbit toys, check out our Toy FAQ.
    Previous tips of the week...

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