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VHD Outbreak Alert

VHD outbreak confirmed in Flushing, NY on 12/11.

-- December 30, 2001

VHD Guidelines & FAQ

HRS's VHD Guidelines and our VHD FAQ.

-- December 30, 2001

New Journal Published

Fall 2001 House Rabbit Journal sent to all current members 11/25.

-- December 1, 2001

Related site

Integrated Animal, as featured in the current Journal.

-- December 1, 2001

Vet Conference Proceedings No Longer Offered

As of November, 2001, we are no longer offering video or conference proceedings from our 1997 vet conference.

-- November 30, 2001

Chatroom Snafu

Our chatroom nick file was deleted the weekend of 11/10 due to a server error. this means that you will need to reregister your nick (username) in order to access the chatroom. If you reregister using the same username, you'll find all your profile info is still there. We apologize for the problem and promise to backup this file to avoid future problems.

-- November 15, 2001

Resources for Rescuers

Reprintable resources for shelters and other independent rabbit rescuers.

-- September 30, 2001

Disaster Preparedness

Tip: Planning for Hurricane Season.

-- September 7, 2001

VHD Outbreak Alert

VHD outbreak confirmed in Utah.

-- August 23, 2001


A Random Bunny Picture.


Video Clips from our Sacramento Chapter.

-- June 15, 2001

Easter Campaign a Success

Our online "Easter and bunnies don't mix" education campaign has been a huge success. Thanks to the generosity of many web sites, our Easter banners were seen by millions of people across the web. Over 50,000 people followed these banners to get more info at our site about the problem of rabbits at Easter.

Nail Cutting Video Available

This 38-minute video from our NYC Chapter demonstrates technique that's gentle and non-traumatic for both you and your bunny. To order, send a check for $23.50 to:

Rabbit Rescue and Rehab 56 West Pondfield Rd. - 5C Bronxville, NY 10708

Please be sure to include the phrase "nailclipping video" on the check.

-- April 30, 2001

Easter and Bunnies Don't Mix

Learn why rabbits don't make good Easter gifts and what you can do to help spread the word this Easter season.

-- April 15, 2001

Article: Caring for Mamma and Domestic Newborns

Covers rehabilitation care and is also a guide for answering questions and concerns about the proper care of the domestic mother rabbit and her babies and orphaned Rabbits.

--March 10, 2001

Richmond Rabbit Center Homepage

Our new adoption and education center/national headquarters now has its own set of webpages. Visit often to see all the new bunnies available for adoption and for events and volunteer opportunities.

-- February 3, 2001

Escondido shelter fire update

Check on the status of the bunnies from the Escondido shelter in Southern California.

-- January 26, 2001

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