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2003 Archive of What's New

What's been going on at Just take a look...

Help John Recover his wedding ring
On Friday, November 28th, John Miller, owner of Oxbow Pet Products lost his silver wedding ring while packaging 15oz Western Timothy. ...if you happen to find it in your 15oz bag of Western Timothy, please return it for a $100 cash reward. The phone number is (800)249-0366

New Nail Cutting Video Available
If you have trouble cutting your rabbit's nails, now you can get some help. This 38-minute video will show you a technique that's gentle and non-traumatic for both you and your bunny. This technique is simple and straightforward, and does not involve trancing or any special restraining equipment (such as bags, bunny burritos, etc.)More info...
-- October, 2003

Samosa Update
An update on Samosa, the bunny thrown from a car. We're happy to report it is a happy ending!
-- September, 2003

Rabbit Cruety Case
Samosa - Thrown From a Moving Car- Can You Help?
-- July, 2003

Exotic Diseases
Exotic Diseases and Rabbits
-- July, 2003

New Book
Stories Rabbits Tell
-- July, 2003

Long Island Update
5/28 Rabbit Cruelty Case Update
-- June, 2003

Adopt a Highway?
Southern Yosemite Chapter "Adopts-A-Highway"

-- June, 2003

Miami International Airport Rescue
Help the Miami International Airport Jackrabbits
-- May, 2003

Press Release
July is Adopt a Rabbit Month
-- May, 2003

Abandonded LA Rabbits

  • 300 Abandoned Rabbits in LA-area desperately need homes
  • -- April, 2003

    Easter and Bunnies Don't Mix
    Learn why rabbits don't make good Easter gifts and what you can do to help spread the word this Easter season. Start by putting up flyers and participating in the Make Mine Chocolate! pin campaign.

    New House Rabbit Journal
    The Winter 2003 issue of House Rabbit Journal went out bulk mail the week of March 3. The Journal was mailed to all HRS members whose memberships (and mailing addresses) were current as of 2/25/03. Most members should have received their copy by now.
    -- March, 2003

    Randomizer Update
    70 new photos in our Bunny Randomizer -- January, 2003

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