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2005 Archive of What's New

What's been going on at Just take a look...

Disclaimer & Link Policy revised March 2005

Reprint, Press, Photo, and Translation Guidelines
-- March 2005

New Journal Articles Online
Volume 4, Issue 7 now available in html format.

The Right Stuff for a Bereaved Bunny
A New Friendship and a Lesson Learned
Hay in Your Bunny's Diet - Quality and Quantities for Healthy Digestion<
Letters - Health Questions
And the Love Goes On A new friend often provides recovery and grief support
A Poem: The Pimpernel
A Study of Rabbit Relationships
Advertising Gets the Message
Warren Wise:A Visual Delight and other organizational updates

-- March 2005

Easter 2005 press Release
Help us with getting the Easter message out with our 2005 Press Release
-- March 2005

Make Mine Chocolate! Easter Campaign
Help get the easter message out by supporting this yummy campaign!
-- March 2005

Easter and Bunnies Don't Mix
Learn why rabbits don't make good Easter gifts and what you can do to help spread the word this Easter season. Start by putting up flyers. -- March 2005

HRS Checks
Purchase HRS checks with your rabbit's photo
-- February 2005

Support the Animal Victims of the Tsunami
Survivors of the massive destruction in Southeast Asia include displaced, starving and diseased domestic pets and livestock. Help provide urgent veterinary care with a donation to The Humane Society of the United States whose Humane Society International team is on the ground now. Read more at
-- January 2005

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