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What's New at Our Web Site

House Rabbit Handbook Is Available Again
In Early September, the latest printing of the House Rabbit Handbook came off the presses. The title should now be easily available from local booksellers and for online purchase through -- October 15, 1998

10th Leap a Huge Success
On August 29th, 1998, House Rabbit Society celebrated the organization's 10th anniversary with the 10th Leap fundraising dinner and silent auction. Over 120 people were in attendance. The event brought in much needed funds to help us achieve our dream of establishing a centralized shelter/adoption center, education center and national office. We would like to thank the many 10th Leap Auction Donors and Event Sponsors. Watch the website over the next few weeks for an in-depth article about the event. -- October 1, 1998

New FAQ: Warm Weather Concerns
A new FAQ covering common questions about warm weather concerns is now available at the site. -- August 15, 1998

The Tenth Leap
A celebration of HRS's ten-year anniversary and a leap towards a permanent rescue-education center that was held on August 29, 1998. Even though the event has passed, the invitation and RSVP form are both still available online. -- August 5, 1998

Spring 98 House Rabbit Journal
10 new articles from V3, Issue 11 of the House Rabbit Journal -- July 21, 1998

House Rabbit Handbook May Be In Short Supply Until the Fall
According to the publisher, House Rabbit Handbook has been flying off bookstore shelves over the past few months. The fourth printing will soon begin, but there is a good chance that many bookstores may have the title back-ordered for a few months. (Ed. Note: as of 9/1/98 the HRH is back in print.) -- July 7, 1998

Ascii Bunny Art
A collection of cute bunny illustrations made from letters and other charaters found on your keyboard. -- July 3, 1998

Link to Us!
Show your support of House Rabbit Society by placing our graphic and homepage link at your website. The bunnies will be very pleased that you helped to spread the word. -- June 28, 1998

Warm Weather Warning: Fly Strike
As the weather warms, flies can strike and kill a healthy animal who has temporary loose stools, but at particular risk are aging, disabled, long-haired or overweight rabbits who are not able to clean themselves. Within 24 hours, rabbits can enter a terminal state of shock due to maggot infestation. Moisture, warmth, and odor attract flies. If open sores are present, or if thick fur is dampened with urine or feces, flies will head toward these warm incubation areas to lay their eggs. The chances are greater if the rabbit is outside, but it only takes one fly indoors to do the damage. Maintaining a watchful eye, keeping your bunny dry and (if neccisary) short-even-shaved are the most critical preventitive steps. More fly strike info... -- June 21, 1998

Survey Results
Find out what 127 of our visitors had to say about our site and their rabbits. -- June 12, 1998

Wild Bunnies Many Not Need Your Help!
Every spring we receive desperate inquiries about "abandoned baby bunnies". Don't assume bunnies need to be rescued simply because you have not observed the mother at the nest. Wild rabbits only nurse for 5 minutes during the night. Be on the lookout for rabbit nests when you're mowing the lawn, gardening, or cleaning up the yard. If you've accidentally disturbed a nest, put the babies back, restore the fur/grass covering and leave them alone! The mother will move them to a safer area over the next 48 hours. More info... -- June 1, 1998

Vol 3, Issue 12 of House Rabbit Journal Published
A new issue of The House Rabbit Journal was sent out to all HRS members last week. You should expect to find it in your mail box by the first week in June. It features articles on allergies, litter training, and chiropractic care. If you'd like to get the journal each quarter, our membership forms are online. -- May 25, 1998

Special Recipes for Special Needs
We've just added Recipes for syringe feeding sick rabbits, as well as alternatives for rabbits who can't chew. -- May 14, 1998

Easter Campaign a Success
Our online "Easter and bunnies don't mix" education campaign has been a huge success. Thanks to the generosity of many web sites, our Easter banners appeared over 9 million times on such sites as Yahoo, Netscape, Alta Vista, Meta Crawler, Hotbot, Travelocity, and many others. Over 100,000 people followed these banners to get more info at our site about the problem of rabbits at Easter. -- April 15, 1998

Easter and Bunnies Don't Mix
Did you know that most rabbits purchased as Easter gifts never live to see their first birthday? Learn why rabbits don't make good Easter gifts for children and what you can do to help spread the word. Thanks to everyone who is helping us get the message out. -- April 5, 1998

A new look for our site

We've redesigned our homepage and banners to load more quickly and to make it easier to find what you're looking for. Let us know what you think of the new look. -- March 5th, 1998

Bunnies and Easter Don't Mix

Learn how you can help spread the word this Easter season that bunnies and Easter don't mix. -- February 27, 1998

Make Us Your Home Page

Instructions on how to make our site your default home page. -- February 27, 1998

Link Us In

Instructions on how add a link to our site from your homepage. -- February 27, 1998

House Rabbit Society Bookstore Opens

We've had many requests for book recommendations, so we've set up an online bookstore for your enjoyment. -- February 14, 1998

Easter Education Campaign

We've begun sending out our 1998 Easter Press Release to the media. You can help spread the word by faxing or mailing this release to your own local tv and radio stations, and by writing lettors to the editor of your own local newspaper about The Sad Truth of Rabbits at Easter. -- February 1, 1998

Mail Order

The Mail Order House Rabbit Resources listing has been updated. -- February 1, 1998

New Articles from the Oakland Chapter

Our Oakland chapter has added articles on "No Bad Rabbits" and "Rabbit Watching". -- January 22, 1998

Current Issue of the House Rabbit Journal

We've added a new section, a table of contents for the current online issue of our quarterly publication, The House Rabbit Journal. -- January 15, 1998

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