HRS Launches New Educators’ Forum

profile of rabbit under chair

The House Rabbit Society Licensing Committee has created a bimonthly HRS Educators Forum. The forum is aimed for at-large HRS Educators (ie educators without a chapter), however any Educator may join! The purposes of the forum:

  1. Create a community for at-large HRS Educators
  2. Create a discussion forum outside of the HRS yahoogroups, which may be intimidating for new members
  3. Enable shared learning and mentoring
  4. Compile additional resources to upload to the HRS intranet site, can also be used to update the Educator’s Manual
  5. Update and expand resources on

The format of each meeting: one topic presentation by an at-large educator, followed by Q&A/discussion, and resource sharing. All resources will be compiled and uploaded to the HRS intranet site. After each meeting, propose a small subgroup evaluate the resources on and replace/supplement as needed.

The forum will be held on “Zoom,” an on-line meeting forum, which provides content sharing, audio conferencing, and video conferencing services. This will enable people to connect “faces” with “names.”

The first forum will be on the subject of Transporting Rabbits During Rescue. It will be run by Amy Ramnaraine, Minnesota educator, who will cover the following topics:

  • Vetting the receiving shelters/agencies appropriately
  • Transport drivers following best practices to safeguard rabbit health. (Just this could be a stand alone topic. It’s so important and most of us don’t know about or follow best practices.)
  • Networking in person and using trusted sources as personal references
  • Being as organized as possible in all stages of transport
  • Keeping detailed records that can be used to build a case